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  1. My mom and I just went and saw Avatar in 3-D. I absolutely loved it. Somehow, the people who made it managed to put great acting, amazing visuals, and a decent, emotional story in one movie. This may be the first movie my family gets in Blu-ray. I just wish my sister could see it on the big screen. By the time she can go to a theater again, it'll be gone. >_< Nothing compares to the camera sweeping over a magnificent landscape on a screen as big as a theater's. :/
  2. History not coming out of a dull-as-dishwater textbook. And learning how to read phonetically when I was learning to read, so I can read and spell better than some adults I know.
  3. Get up at 8:00, do Biblical Chronology until it's done (usually about 10), do chemistry until it's done (usually around 10:45), practice piano (no teacher 'cuz we can't afford it, but hey, I have fun), do biology until it's done (usually about 12:30), eat lunch during English and Essay writing (usually ends about 1:30), do Constitutional Law until it's done (usually around 2:00 or 2:30), do history (usually ends at 3:00/3:30), and finally, do Algebra 2 (ends when it ends). Rest of the day is left for whatever homework I have, chores, and free time.
  4. I agree that announcing you're not normal at every opportunity isn't a good idea, but I don't think people should try to be more normal. Why can't people just act like themselves? Sure, you have to be more polite than usual in some situations and stuff like that, but that doesn't mean you have to pretend to be just like everyone else.
  5. I've been homeschooled since kindergarden. My mother decided to homeschool my sisters and me because, frankly, the schools in the area didn't offer decent educations. Until I was in the second grade, my mother had my sisters and me in a local social program offered to homeschoolers, just so we wouldn't be afraid to be around people. At that point, the entire program went downhill, so she pulled us out and just educated us at home. From then on, we did plenty of church activities to continue socializing. My oldest sister has gotten a Bachelor's Degree in commercial writing. She graduated summa cum laude with a 4.0 average, and she's getting her Master's Degree right now. Socially, she's done just fine. My other sister just started college last year; she's also doing well socially and academically. As far as my own education goes--well, I think I have a decent one. My mother, before she started teaching my siblings and me, was an OBGYN and did well in school/college/medical school/residency. She teaches science and math very well; she didn't know much about history, but to teach us, she read literally hundreds of detailed books on the subject. She's followed that pattern since; if she doesn't know something, she uses the internet, library, and anything else she can to learn it so she can teach it to me. Also, she's very strict about my education; I simply don't get away with D's and F's. If I get a bad grade, I also get the joy of relearning whatever I made that grade on. As far as my social life...well, it's not great. When I was in junior high, we had to move to a different state, and we have yet to find a church without a snotty youth group. At the church we're going to now, the youth group pretty much shuns me--I don't know why, so I just sit there and read a book until the lesson starts. I have one friend; I only see her on Wednesday nights. Still, I can handle talking to people when the need arises; I will admit that I'm a little uncomfortable talking to boys, but when I have to, I can. A few people have mentioned that a lot of homeschoolers aren't exposed to other religions and ideas. The main reason I started hanging around on forums (and the reason my mother encouraged me to do so) is so I won't be completely naive concerning other people's views. Also, my mom's been teaching me about other religions and ideas for years, long before I even knew how to use the internet. I know I'm not going to be as hardened as someone who's gone to public or private school. I also know that I'm getting a lot more science than I would if I were going to public or private school, and I'm probably getting a little more math 'cuz I'm continuing it through the summers. In the end, homeschooling varies from parent to parent. Some homeschoolers just read a few books and call it school; others are a lot better. Anyway...I'm gonna go do my homework.
  6. Happy birthday, Q! Hope you have a good one.
  7. Well, I've been working on this story for a long time, and I pretty much have the next...(counts)...three or four books planned. :lol: I do agree that Lord of the Rings and Star Wars are both great. :)

  8. According to the movie, the Jedi Council didn't think so. They apprenticed Ahsoka to Anakin because they knew having those two together would benefit both of them. Ahsoka would not only benefit from his teaching, but also learn obedience (and learn how to curb her tongue). Simultaneously, Anakin would learn patience teaching her (and putting up with her ), and he would become more responsible. PS: You said that you think Ahsoka should just be good friends with Anakin, not his padawan. Like I said in my previous post, that simply wouldn't be possible. Either Ahsoka's his apprentice and his friend, or she's not his apprentice and just another padawan.
  9. TFU II (at least, the information on it...I doubt it'll actually come out this year), TOR, Final Fantasy XIII, getting Uncharted 2, Assassin's Creed 2, and Dragon Age: Origins. Uncharted 3, I hope, though I'm betting that'll come out in 2011. Rest of the second season of TCW and the beginning of the third season. More of the V series. Also, I'm hoping that I can get past the boring parts of my fan fiction and to the parts I actually want to write. PS: Congrats on your nephew/niece, Astor.
  10. Without Anakin, Ahsoka is nothing. His interactions with her are shaping her character. If they were just "good friends", then Ahsoka's character would be entirely different (i.e. the Ahsoka we like wouldn't exist). Also, Ahsoka is the right age to be a padawan. If she wasn't Anakin's apprentice, she'd be apprenticed to Plo Koon or someone, and there wouldn't be a reason for them to be friends.
  11. It has problems, but if there were thousands of flaws, the show would be nothing but a mass of mistakes. Ah, the issue of Anakin's padawan. I watched the Clone Wars movie earlier, and something occured to me. Why didn't any previous canon materials give Anakin a padawan? He's the friggin' Chosen One, for goodness' sake! If the Jedi Council had any sense, they'd grab the most powerful padawan they could find and apprentice him/her to Anakin as soon as Anakin became a Jedi Knight. As far as how much you like/dislike Ahsoka...well, that's just a matter of opinion. I happen to like her meself, at least after she cut out the 'Sky-guy' and 'Artooie'. In Revenge of the Sith, the battle droids were shown to be rather funny. I, for one, am glad that the Clone Wars series acknowledges that. The other day, I got out the game Jedi Starfighter, and the monotone battle droid voices drove me nuts. The point is, the droid humor is a matter of opinion as well. The only lightsaber colors we saw in the prequels were green, blue, and purple. (Purple crystals are extremely difficult to get, so they don't really count.) Since the prequels don't show any other 'saber colors, why should the series show any others? Hammerhead-class ships stopped being used ~1000 BBY. It wouldn't make sense to have those ships in use during the Clone Wars. Why would there be references to Revan and Company? They lived four thousand years before the Clone Wars. On Earth, we sometimes reference events and people that took place four thousand years ago, but only rarely. This is just one planet. In Star Wars, people deal with thousands of important planets, not just one. I'd be impressed if anyone in the Clone Wars period thought about events a mere thousand years earlier, much less four thousand years earlier.
  12. Yea, I heard that the second game's better than the first. I'm keepin' an eye on its price on Amazon--once it goes down, I plan to get it. That may be a while, though.
  13. Ah, let's see, here... G.I.Joe (DVD) X-men Origins: Wolverine (DVD) Star Wars: The Clone Wars (DVD--the movie stinks, but the special features should be good) Star Trek piano book Assassin's Creed II soundtrack Final Fantasy XII Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (PS3, of course) Assassin's Creed (PS3, and my first M-rated game) Spore Baldur's Gate (1 and 2) Assorted Star Trek action figures Couple Star Wars action figures Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil ~$140 in gift cards Those video games should last me a while. Oh, and I got Fable for $5 earlier with one of my gift cards. Definitely a good year.
  14. I don't know of any...but I haven't exactly kept up with BoS, so I'm not the greatest person to ask, hehe.

  15. Since it had one of Juno's lines in it, I doubt it's a prequel. I really hope they have a very, very good reason for him still bein' around...if they don't, it'll ruin the whole game. Well, back to getting trophies for the first one! (goes back to PS3)
  16. One thing about the gameplay/simple level design from the last game. In an interview (don't ask me which one, I don't remember >_<), I read that the devs had so much trouble getting the Havok/DMM/Euphoria to all work together that they didn't have as much time to work on the actual gameplay than they wanted to. Fortunately, for TFU 2, the DMM/Havok/Euphoria have already been worked out, so the devs can concentrate on improving on the level design and gameplay quality.
  17. (shrug) I certainly wouldn't mind it if BF3 was officially announced. Between that and TFU 2, I'd be set for a year or two. Still, unless they show a trailer/put up a page for it on Lucasarts.com, I'm not gonna hold my breath. I've heard a ton of BF3 rumors for a couple years.
  18. That would be rather difficult to explain, since Juno and Galen never went past kissing.
  19. Yea, his face looks a bit more angular now. Still...it couldn't be a different person. What are the chances of finding someone who a) is incredibly powerful, b) looks like Galen Marek, c) knows Darth Vader, and d) heard Juno say "Will I ever see you again?" Or maybe they just threw all those lines into the trailer to get people interested.
  20. I, for one, can't wait to find out. (Hopefully they've come up with a really good reason...)
  21. I actually liked the first TFU, so I think this is great news. The trailer doesn't look bad, either. Personally, I was hoping that TFU 2 would focus on Maris Brood, but this is still good.
  22. Meh. Some M-rated games are okay (I don't care for rivers of blood, but a little amputation with lightsabers would be okay--especially since lightsabers and blaster wounds don't bleed. ) I just don't want a bunch of sex in Star Wars games. In the books (the ones that I've read), it's implied, sure, but not shown. The most I've seen of Han and Leia's post-marriage relationship has been a) waking up in the same bed in the middle of the night and having a discussion, b) reference to them sleeping together the night before she leaves to go somewhere, and c) they have kids, so duh. Even in Han's younger days, his physical relationships with his girlfriends are kept in the 'implied' area. The main reason I don't want to have one M-rated Star Wars game is this: if they make one that's rated for dismemberment, why not make another game, this one rated M for sexual content/themes? Hope that made sense.
  23. I just hope that it isn't a Clone Wars game--all the ones out so far (on the PS3, at least) have been terrible. >_< T, I hope.
  24. Mmm, those don't look half-bad. I may just have to look into that game. I really enjoyed the scenery in Tomb Raider: Underworld. Yea, some of the levels were a little drab, but the beginning of the first level and the entire second level were amazing. In the beginning of the first level...ah, what the heck. I'll put it in a spoiler tag, just in case. That was probably a completely unnecessary spoiler tag.
  25. (shrug) As I get farther along in the game, I'm sure everyone's usefullness will change...another reason I'm leveling everyone. I use Wakka for flying creatures a lot, and sometimes tiny, agile critters. Maybe I just don't like him, and he's very useful.
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