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  1. Finished testing last night! I'm writing you a review right now.

  2. Yes, please reply there. :)

  3. I'll try to be on later, although right now I can't.

  4. Tried to message you on facebook, you didn't pick up. Will check in regularly. :D

  5. Not much, hanging in there. You?

  6. Ultra awesome! :D


    Complementary good news on my end: My computer is running really smooth. Recording quality too. I just hope it doesn't take forever and a century to render on my copy of Vegas. XP


    Check your PM.

  7. Dude, hey! Get my PM?

  8. School, trying to find a new place to live, work, and getting "stuff" done for you of course. :D

  9. Sure thing. Sorry this has been a disappointment.

  10. Nope, he keeps saying that he's working on it.


    From what I can tell, everyone is super busy with real life it isn't funny.


    Do you want me to just do it myself? Because I can't guarantee I'll get it done any fast. I know my real life is jam-packed.

  11. Wow, awesome! Hope you get noticed, they could really use someone like you right now.


    Yeah, I'm presently getting my local real life situation under control so I'll be able to get those trailers done soon. Here's something unrelated I've been working on in my free time:


  12. Yup. Good input, as always. You're sense of plot is really first class, which is why if (maybe when) I start a gaming corp I'd put you in charge of story design in heartbeat. :D

  13. Just hanging in there.


    Get my PM?

  14. Yup, I recorded some badass footage recently. I'm trying to figure out what music I want to use.

  15. Sorry, I got work mate. But I will keep testing and keep the input going.

  16. Sorry, very busy. :( Perhaps Friday?

  17. Thank you. :) I think they may be soon.

  18. Just PM me. I'm really busy with real life (major financial disasters) and I just never have to time to come on to Hssiss.

  19. I am so sorry, but I've just got hit by a real life financial crisis and it's looking really bad.


    I just don't know when I can work on it.


    I am so sorry, you really don't deserve this from me....

  20. Hey dude.


    I did look at the charts, but not thoroughly. Life got ULTRA busy overnight, so tomorrow I'm going to devote some time to modding and the video. If you or Redrob could send some sort of Revenge of Revan logo animation, that'd be very appreciated.


    Looking forward to that module, obviously. :D

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