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  1. Sounds good. Again, Canderis and I have done some work in making unique modules for Coruscant. I can send you the obj file I have for the Senate Rotunda, though you'll need to import it to GMax and do the rest since I don't know how.


    2.0 for TJM should be a whole lot better, probably some more VOs.

  2. The Redwoods in North Cal. Those trees are BIG!!!


    Saw that you did a nice job with the reskins for Corellia. Looks great (and unique)!


    Playing The Jedi Masters. You were right about it on SO many accounts. :D

  3. Oh great. It was a Youth retreat actually, and probably the last activity I'll ever have with my Youth Group. Very refreshing, lots of fun stuff.

  4. Canderis, are you trying to script a Force Power for TLO?

  5. I talked to them. Uuuuuugggghhhhh....

  6. Trigger, what is going on with Team Hssiss? I got this weird email from Yat and I could barely understand any of it.

  7. Awesome! Checking now.

  8. Awesome! I was worried about your .bik movies, but is sounds like you have that taken care of.


    How did you like my dialogs? I intend to do some more today, though I might be busy with the Taris Middle City Project.

  9. It is, I've just been waiting for contributors to contribute. Since I've been very busy with other projects as of late I haven't been worried about it. But since you asked about it, I should probably call and ask around. I've mostly been trying to get TriggerGod to complete his Sith Sniper Rifle. However, I must ask you not to hassle any of the contributors (that's my job :D ). If you'd like to contribute, feel free (it'd be greatly appreciated).

  10. Hey, mind logging onto Team Hssiss chat?

  11. I'm back on. I don't suppose you'd be willing to share some info on the Ryloth main quest?

  12. Sounds like you've hit some road blocks.


    Anyway I gotta go. Talk to you later.

  13. It's not exactly canceled. It's indefinitely on hold. You see, my mod would be an expansion on a scale ten times the size of BOS:SR. Team Hssiss, with or without your full involvement, is nowhere near ready to undertake a project that size. We need smaller mods like your Ryloth/Ansion, Canderis' Halos Station, and Yatsuke's The Lost Ones, to gain enough knowledge and experience to pull it off. For now, I am content to work on M4-78 EP, The Lost Ones and its sequel, Ryloth/Ansion, and my new Tatooine Rakata Temple RP. How is Ryloth/Ansion, btw? What needs to be done?

  14. Dialog actually. I suppose I now have some input on story, but not too much. I'm also beta testing. :D

  15. Just finishing up school myself. Did Canderis tell you that I am also now part of the M4-78 Enhancement Project?

  16. HK! How are you doing mate?

  17. What I meant is that regarding your mod I don't like the head you created particularly (just personal taste) but adding the Twin Suns' outfit as underwear and Mira's outfit as clothing was pretty awesome.

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