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  1. Sure thing. Btw, did you see the PMs on the robes?

  2. Well I have a 22" screen and I use Squizzy's resolution patcher. You can find it in the tools section, but I warn you that the HUD is still going to be funky. The resolution itself will be fine though.

  3. Thanks, I appreciate that. I've been trying to change my sleep cycle but it's been quite a challenge.

  4. Yeah, unfortunately I do. I try not to, but my biological clock says otherwise. :(

  5. Hey, would you like to chat?

  6. Cool, tell him to send me a PM and I'll get back to him ASAP.

  7. Hey, what did you think of the script?

  8. Thanks, though the stress is not anything serious. There are just people I value very highly in my life and I worry about them a lot.


    I'll check the thread. :D

  9. Relaxing...yet stressful? :D

  10. Hey.


    I'm sorry to say, but unfortunately I won't be able to participate in your RP. Each time I try to fit it into my schedule, RL keeps getting in the way. I barely have enough time for Shinobi as it is.

  11. Signed up for Windows Sync.

  12. If you want. At this point, Sith Holocron is just having me do the script and give it to Stoney, but if you have input to make feel free.


    Simply put, he felt like we were getting nowhere.

  13. Very good skin, but I don't think that particular head works. Uthar or someone else would be more appropriate.


    Also, as a spirit he needs to be transparent.

  14. Hey Yat. What's up?

  15. I saw earlier, though I was slightly too busy to comment. Will do so very soon, with very positive reviews.


    I'm very excited for the beta. :D

  16. I know that. I haven't gotten to installing 1.6 because I wanted to play and not have to start over yet again. Which is what usually happens because my playthroughs take forever.

  17. Alright, just working on my current playthrough of TSLRCM 1.5.

  18. Just saw, good stuff! :)

  19. Thanks for the invitation! :thmbup1:

  20. I'll leave you to it then, as my plate is rather full ATM. I'll be available to help, but not really in an active way.

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