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  1. I guess not if you got the launcher. Have you reinstalled?

  2. Sure thing. I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible. :)

  3. Go to Control Panel and uninstall it there.

  4. Not to worry, this sounds like a problem I've had before, so we should be able to get around it. Assuming that your OS is Windows 7 or Vista, here's how to fix it.


    First, make sure TSL is uninstalled. Then, to fix the launcher window problem, go to My Computer, right click on your CD/DVD drive and open it in a separate window. Find the setup.exe, and right click on that and open properties. Then, find the tab that says compatibility, then set the compatibility mode to Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or 3 works either way). Click apply, then Ok to close, and finally double click on setup.exe to install.


    As for tslrcm_1.6, do you mean the .exe file or the program in control panel? If the former, you need that to reinstall tslrcm again. If the latter, uninstall it. It'll give you a message that says it's already uninstalled, so just press okay and it'll be fine.

  5. Not to worry, just reinstall TSL and it should work fine. :)

  6. Just saw. Thanks for the info. :)

  7. That's perfect considering I'm not at my gaming computer until tomorrow anyway. :p

  8. I'm still in Shinobi, I just haven't posted recently because I haven't had stable internet up until right now for the past three days.

  9. Unfortunately I'm not on my gaming computer so I can't. Sorry.


    Not to worry, I'm sure that if you follow the dialog you'll be able to figure out the next part.

  10. If you erase your saved games and configurations, it will erase your override.


    As for TSLRCM and The Jedi Masters, those two are definitely incompatible.

  11. Try exploring the new area in general. You should run into him. If not, read the journals and follow the quests, and he'll turn up.

  12. Try the Drunkside Cantina. :)

  13. Inside the file is the installer and the readme.

  14. The readme for the Installer has the info on how to start each quest. To make the Yavin Mod work, uninstall KOTOR completely and reinstall it to remove BOSSR, then install Yavin Mod.

  15. First off, you can just tell WinRAR that you do not have to pay and you won't have to. It's the result of some weird policy but suffice to say you can keep using it forever, just tell it you don't want to pay each time that window pops up.


    Second, the books just means that they are both archive files. Yavin is still incompatible with BOSSR. Sorry about that, it's just no one has taken the time to make a compatibility patch to fix the problem. Unfortunately, that means that you have to choose between the two.


    And you are most welcome. Feel free to ask me for help at any time. :D

  16. There should be instructions on the site, but it's actually really easy. Just install it, and when you need to unzip a program right click on it and say "Extract to [ArchiveName]". It'll create a copy of the files inside in the same directory as the archive, so make sure you have the archive on a harddrive with enough space.

  17. Ah, so I'm guessing you're not familiar with archives.


    Here's how it works: When someone wants to share files, like a mod, but need to make it smaller, they turn the files into an archive. An archive is a bunch of files compressed together and made smaller than it actually is. The most common types of archives are .zip, .rar, and .7zip, but there are others.


    To return the files to normal, all you need is some sort of archiving program. I recommend you use WinRar. It's suppose to be a program you have to pay for, but you can download the trial and it won't expire (the developers are too lazy). It should be pretty easy to use.


    After that, you should be able to install the mod. :)

  18. Aside from unzipping and installing the mod itself? Not really.

  19. Hey, I believe the info is on page 16.

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