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  1. I ain't seeing jack. Nada. Nein.

  2. Sure, what do you got?

  3. Not much, just somewhat irritated at a certain modder (not you of course).

  4. Unfortunately not. I'll work on it again soon, but for now I'm very busy. Technology problems. :(

  5. I did, in the sense that I have chatted with him on Yahoo! Messenger.

  6. Yeah, I just checked, but he did not see fit to talk to me....

  7. That's because yatsuke controls it and he's disappeared.


    Not to worry, TLO will be finished, and I will see it to completion with or without him.

  8. The Silent Acolytes are a mixture of melee and hand-to-hand. Normal Hands of Silence use lightsabers, as with anything above.


    They can be any race.


    Any interesting progress going on?

  9. If you can sign up for it, it is public.

  10. Server maintenance. Can't tell you more than that due to company policy.

  11. Busy, finally got a job. :D

  12. First draft done, sending to your PM. Tell me where you want more detail.

  13. Plot outline done by the end of today guaranteed. Will submit to your PM.


    I would have finished earlier, but I twisted my ankle and had to take the rest of the day off.

  14. This week.


    Sorry for not replying earlier, had a bit of an emergency.

  15. @ Tysyacha: Sorry, but I've already joined another RP and I have to work on some stuff for Team Hssiss and M4-78 EP.

  16. Hey, I got Rebrob's PM and gave him some info. The leader, as I told Redrob, is normal appearance, save that he looks about late forties when he's much older.

  17. Well you have to have like 500 or so posts, then you can go to your user cp. I don't remember where exactly, but it should be in profile?....

  18. I'll start writing right now. :D

  19. Yes. Sorry for not replying, have been busy with finals.


    All I have to say is simply...WOW. You are really taking this to a whole new level.

  20. Hey you updated your sig! Nice.


    Any news of interest? FYI, thanks for the comments, very useful pointers that will shape the second draft.

  21. Unfortunately no, as I am already busy with RL. Sorry, Shinobi is going to be the last one for a while....

  22. Nice pics mate.


    FYI, I need that input on the script soon. I'm going to do a revision....

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