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  1. Sweet! Looking forward to it!

  2. Thanks, I'll get to testing.

  3. Hello, Classical Hero of the Working. :D What's the latest?

  4. Yeah, it's that good. But that's just my opinion (and my RL best friend's).

  5. Um, to put it bluntly it is the best FPS I've ever played and is contending for the best RPG I've ever played. :D

  6. Playing New Vegas, testing ROR.

  7. I'm probably going to test tomorrow.

  8. The Call of Duty games are not really based on story, they're just shooters with story. With Modern Warfare 1 and 2, they tried to add story but it destroyed the quality of the multiplayer as a result.

  9. I'll be honest: It is hands-down THE best game I've ever played. Imagine if TSL got the interface of Call of Duty with absolute interactivity with environment and the ability to play TSL's quests in whatever order you want minus obvious plot-based limitations.

  10. Then if you right click on the folder, there should be an option called properties at the very bottom of the list. Otherwise, I don't know what to say other than "HUH?!".

  11. That's odd. What OS are you using again?

  12. Sorry, no. I've not only had lots of school but Fallout New Vegas and I couldn't resist the latter.


    Not to worry, I will find the time this weekend.

  13. Right click on the folder.

  14. I didn't get a message. LucasForums was not working until today for me.


    A mod folder is just a folder that you put mods in. As in, you download a mod and install it, then you move that mod to folder in My Documents so the mods aren't just in random places on your computer. I do it to keep my mods organized.

  15. Extract to a directory of your choosing. A mods folder in My Documents is probably a good place.

  16. I think so, but I can't guarantee it. :(

  17. I thought I posted a reply. How odd.


    There is an order to install Coruscant and M4 for them to be compatible (that I have sadly forgotten) but yes, they are all compatible.

  18. M4-78 is incompatible with TSLRCM. The Coruscant Mod is, however. It's okay but doesn't help the game balancing. However, if you have Achilies Game Rebalancing it shouldn't be a problem.


    Speaking of which, Achilies Game Rebalancing is a really awesome mod that I almost forgot to mention. It improves the combat of the game by making the enemies' level match yours.

  19. Try out Curse of the Sith 1.1 on Filefront. It's not very big, but it adds another level.

  20. TSLRCM and BOSSR are about it, really. I could list a bunch of smaller mods but that'd take ages.

  21. I don't recommend TJM, actually. It may be the first TSL Total Conversion, but it's not really complete. Trex said this is sort of a beta and planned to improve it, but he hasn't.

  22. If the files are .exe, you should be able to double click on them each and install them that way. Once they are installed, an uninstall .exe for each one will be available.

  23. No, The Jedi Master is installed with several .exe files.

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