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  1. so how are you enjoying College? Bet it was a mind blowing experience. At least thats how I felt when I went to it. lol. January 23 will be my last day I can be in the RP just letting you know. I ship out to Basic on the 25th.

  2. wow... never mind. apperently some posts were showing when I was looking. But they are there now. I'll get right on it.

  3. Until something happens where Isaac needs to say or do something. There isn't really anything I have to post.

  4. Yeah I got it. Just making room on my computer.

  5. yeah, i'm on now.

  6. Yeah, to both.

  7. I have Mondays, and Tuesdays off. I work on Sundays and Wensday 5pm- 10pm, and Thursdays-Saturdays 5pm-11pm.

  8. need help with something?

  9. lol, thank you, thank you.


    I'm looking forward to the release. It give me something to do during the day besides cleaning, an channel surfing.

  10. I'm back in MA actually. How i do not miss the cold, lol. Currently working at a Pizza Joint. But life thus far is pretty good.


    Anything new with you?

  11. So here's a thought, and mind you its just a thought. What if Isaac was a spy for Darth Sethos? Just like someone charged with keeping an eye on things, or hunting down hiding Jedi or something.

  12. hey man. How is RoR treating you?


    Everything is looking really good so far. Keep it up.

  13. Once you get a routine down it will get easier. Just remember don't just work constantly straight through. Take breaks. Allow your mind to absorb what your learning.

  14. -Pats your shoulder- Well now it seems you've been sucked into the world of 5 reports, 7 homework assignments and 3 exams. Something the rest of us call College. Hope its all going good for you. And always remember you can do what ever you set your mind too.

  15. Not much man. In the process of Joining the Air Force. How about yourself?

  16. Hey, So I was wondering -coughs suspiciously- Think it be alright if Isaac tested Clone Lyna's combat ability? -coughs again-

  17. -appears from the shadows-


    I went into the realm of busy and no time. But I have escaped. They could never hold me. ahahaha. In all actually I've been working on joining the Air Force and working a lot.

  18. yeah, i really wouldn't even know where to begin to bring him back really lol. unless he became his whole "i'mma goin to stalk ya, mwahaha" and well thats just creepy lol.

  19. if Legacy is still going on, would it be alright if i just made a new character for it? since i think my is pretty well left behind lol..

  20. v,v i'm sorry for my absence again. Life through a curve ball and i had all this work to do. Don't ever get old, stay young over ever. lol.

  21. sorry about my absence. computer bit the big one and headed to computer heaven. had to get a whole new system.


    Am i still in Midnight and legacy?

  22. awesome, i'll look forward to seeing future films you've helped create.

  23. yeah? How did the interview go?

  24. I'm doing alright. Been doing a little traveling. How have you been doing?

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