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  1. If I happened to beg and plead upon my knees, kissing your feet, would you join the RP i set up? Because you know i would...



    kinda... ^-^

  2. Lets see... details... details... uhmm...


    A group of at least 5 people enter a contest, one happening to be a serial killer that the news paper advertise and tv news. The contest states that who ever can stay in the house for one month with out leaving or dying, will receive 5 million dollars (that be sweet right ^-^, anywho) The first time these people meet is in front of this mansion, dating back 100 so years, very spooky looking. After a while they notice strange things happening, and it starts to mess with the contestants heads. The killer thinks this be a good time to have some fun with his new victoms. But the killer also has be to be warry of the residents of the house, who are very angry ghosts.


    I was thinking of starts the RP like it be advertised in a News Paper, or hear about over the radio. I'd love some feed back.

  3. Ok,so I have a quick few hundred questions.


    A) Do you think people would be interested in an RP that had a lot of Psychological Warfare in it.


    B) And for argument sake lets say is like a mystery type thing, where a group of people get locked in a house for money, except one is a murder. But lets also say only two of the RP staff know who the murder is, the person in charge and the person that was picked to be the killer. Would something like that work.


    I ask you because your smarter then I :D


    P.S. if you'd like more details on it, I can give it to you.

  4. We could make it together. So i'll ask the basics. Male or Female, Age, and preference on hair color. And anything in particular you want for a weapon, personality and back ground

  5. Hey if you want for Leader of the Warewolves thread i can make the other friend and have it as a some one can take over later person, of course that probably wouldn't make much sense so nvm me. ^-^ just speakings of a idiot. lol

  6. Logan don't forget to send me a copy of the dlg. So I can start working on it again. Sorry I"m not on MSN, i'm currently at work =_=

  7. not much, trying to beat Oblivion. How about you?

  8. ^-^ thanks. I really like yours. I hope our battle will be an exciting one. :D

  9. ^-^ always have a back up plan, if Atrila can return to the others. Ohesiu should be able to hold him off long enough for back up.

  10. Let's fight him, see where it takes us. Who knows might be fun.

  11. ^-^ thank you for becoming a friend.

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