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  1. Hey, how are you?


    Was wondering if you could do me a favor, I posted new roleplay Idea, was curious if i made it way to complicated, lol. Could you look it over and let me know. Thanks. and don't worry if you can't.

  2. Not Much, Not Much. Been working during the night mostly.


    How about you?

  3. We should try to schedual a or even an evening when we can meet on MSN or something. I'll be on it today for a while longer, and then maybe monday evening, I may get sunday off who knows.

  4. xD i've found the missing disk. It was on my coffee table in the living room. I almost squelled like a little girl when i found it. I'm going to install everything tomarrow because I have the day off. So i'll start playing RoR tomarrow

  5. I'm good, How are you?


    Yea I am still posting in Heavy Midnight, just waiting for the others too post as well, since its morning making my character virtualy useless atm, lol.

  6. Yea i got the links. I just have to destroy my room to find the first disk to the game. v.v

  7. Well according to common Religion. There is Heaven (God + Angels), Hell (Lucifer + Demons), then the Human World (Us). I was thinking of having a Fallen Angel forgetting who he is including being an angel. Some human finds him, and helps understand what its like to be a human. While the Heaven and Hell fight over which side he'll fight on.

  8. Sure, no problem here. You still have my e-mail?

  9. ohh btw, if you need me to look over any writing or something let me know. I'm trying to find ways to fill up free time.

  10. :o i have an Idea i want to run by you when you have a chance.


    It included Angels and Demons

  11. I look forward to seeing the announcement. I'm also glad to hear you got a job. Was it something you were looking for a career in? Or is it just something to hold you through for now?


    Food tasting is going alright. Think I got sick off of something at one place, but that might of been my own fualt, being allergic to Shellfish and all that.

  12. It's hot. Never thought I'd hate heat. But other then that I'm enjoying it.


    How is everything going with you? Revenge of Revan still going smoothly?

  13. lol, well everyone seems to be enjoying hunting me atm

  14. any idea whats going on with midnight?

  15. Well aliens are alright, they could be considered demons. This is basically almost a world where if you can think it most likely could be there.

  16. I'll give you the run down, Basically its an Alternate Reality senario. Your character would be living in what we believe is our world -points to the planet earth-. But as your character goes about doing daily stuff they do, they get sucked into a Different reality, where Gods/Goddess walk the earth and interact with humans and other creatures thus far.(As you can see i'm setting it up so i can use the character I wanted to use before)


    Anyways your character finds out that they too have special powers, and in order to get back home they need to help the gods/goddess regain they're lost powers and save -insert world name here-


    What do you think?

  17. Think you'd be up to being the main character of an RP I'm thinking of starting up?

  18. Awesome. Well don't let anyone bring you down, if it's something you want to do, give it your all.

  19. ^-^ your on you way to becoming old like me huh? lol. Anyways, got your eye on any colleges yet?

  20. xD I have missed talking to you, lol.

  21. I like the idea maybe he can recall it when he has to sleep at day break. o.o but does she make it a habit of traveling alone at night? lol

  22. uhmm, lol i'm really sorry about the sewer ^-^

  23. prepare to be my hostage xD lmao.

  24. Ohh just to inform you, Ashtin's charm is a spell that makes him iristable to humans. He generally directs it at one person. Only a person that has strong will power can usually resist it.

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