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  1. I'm glad you like him, he isn't really good, or evil. He just is, if something is beneficial to him he'd help your character. Kind of like equivalent exchange. It will be fun to see how all of this turns out. ^-^

  2. Yea, I love it. I think it's going to be a lot of fun. Thanks for letting me take part. ^-^ has been a while hasn't it. It's good to see you again too.

  3. Not much. I've been signing on MSN but I guess I haven't really been catching you to talk to you. how is the RoR coming along? Everything still basically running smoothly?

  4. I can, once I figure out whats going on.

  5. Yea, I'm still up for RP's.


    And My computer i wouldn't say is a newer model but its a Dell Inspiron 1525, basically does what I need it to I hope, lol.

  6. Other then most my stuff getting stolen pretty good. lol.

  7. Hey, sorry about my absence. My laptop was stolen in the middle of me moving >.> . So it took a while to be able to buy a new one. I'm really sorry.

  8. Hey all, Letting you all know I'm back. My computer was stolen along with a bunch of other stuff in the whole chaos of the move. But now I've replaced my computer so I'm back ^-^.

  9. nope not at all. More characters more fun I say.

  10. could you please =_= i don't think those two will be posting any time soon v.v

  11. No atm I only have a PS3, I keep thinking I should get the 360 seems like everyone has one but me, lol.

  12. Sure, ^-^ i plan on getting the game when it comes out. And when it does you probably won't seem me for a few days.

  13. Not that i Know of, though I have been known to sleep walk. Though I think Switzerland would be a little far to walk for me.

  14. Don't worry about it to much man. Learn by experience that's what I always say.


    How did you break you leg man? I know it hurt like hell when I broke my leg before. No one ever told me Tree's and Snowboards don't mix, lol.

  15. In all honesty I've been horrible, haven't been wanting to do much of anything. Right now I'm looking for a new place to live just so I don't have to be around memories to remind me of some one.


    how are you?

  16. Have you ever played Counter-Strike: Source. That something you might be interested in.

  17. Hey if you get a chance I'd like to talk to you about the characters. I'm just going to need a basic run down on they're personalities. That way I can make what they say flow better between Conversations with each other and the PC.

  18. What have I been up too? mostly just sitting by my gf hospital bed side. What have you been up too?

  19. I would join it man, but I know absolutely nothing about halo. And I'm alright for the most part i guess. how are you?

  20. How is studying for your important test thingy going? Or did you do your important test thingy and Pass? :D


    -gives you baggy of cookies- At the prospect of Passing.

  21. uhmm -hands you a cookie-


    I haven't heard of Total war. Right now i'm just using my PlayStation 3 for gaming since my laptop has trouble handling the Knights of the Old Republic Games. lol.

  22. I'm sorry my comment in my sickly form didn't live up to your expectations, lol. -does have the flu-

  23. Sure no problem man. Be happeh too

  24. Here I am stalking your page again. -stalks noticeably-


    Since I already owe you like my life by now. Think you could do me a favor and read over my fiction in the CEC, A Lost Journal. Thank you :D

  25. Not to much. How about you?


    Been working, doing some RP's, and the party Dialog for the game. Its like a juggling act i'm doing, lol

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