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  1. No i'm one of the writers. I help create the dialog the voice actors will be saying.

  2. I'll talk to Logan the next time I seem him on MSN. But as far as I know he was interested in doing VO. What were you thinking about doing?

  3. For starting a new topic for Javyar's Cantina, should I wait until February to show it? and Do I have to post a new thread for it? or just show the new topic in the current topic set up thread?


    Sorry about the foolish questions... lol :sweat:

  4. Hope everything is going alright for you. and hope things will calm down.

  5. Hey, i have all of tomarrow off. so when you can send that stuff i'll begin working

  6. Well glad to hear your doing good. And I certainly hope your Exams went well.

  7. hey, how have you been doing? Probably been pretty busy since school started up again huh xD,


    totally no envy for you, lol.

  8. Merry Christmas to you too!

  9. lol, i was actually thinking about that. maybe she captures him by some mistake or something.

  10. Hey, I'm doing good. How are you?


    I had an idea for Heavy Metal. I sent a PM to you.

  11. I have an idea for Moxie and Alvero if you accept him. That maybe he could of been a friend of Moxie's parents or something to that effect.

  12. sorry i didn't post anything, i found out two of my friends passed. i'll do it soon promoise

  13. well i'd like to think we know each other pretty well by now. lol

  14. Hey, what's up?


    And don't worry I'lls be posting soon.

  15. you still going to try to start up Heavy Midnight again?

  16. yea, i'll use the same character I had before. I can create a new one too.

  17. I think its worth a try, go for it. I'll deffinetly be in.

  18. Human telapaths aren't out of the questions. Go for it.

  19. You feel like joining my Eternal war RP. just help get it kick started. lol

  20. Could have the main character able to see ghosts, but when in the presence of them could see certian figments of they're pasts, like a more extreme version of the psychic ability. And the other main character could be like a ghost or something, or a spirit of someone who is in ciriticle condition in the hospital.


    I can e-mail you a rough draft of the idea if you want.

  21. Was thinking of maybe finding a way of combining the two for an RP

  22. are you Familar with Ghost Whisper(TV show), or the Bleeding Effect on Assassins Creed 1 and 2(Game)?

  23. I've seen the Disney movie, but that was years and years ago.

  24. lol, i wouldn't worry about my RP. I figured it wouldn't be well recepted. Doesn't mean I can't turn it into a novel no one will ever read, lol.


    Anyways. What kind of RP do you have in mind?

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