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  1. do you want me to post something in Heavy Midnight like ashtin and black are waiting at the warehouse for the leaders to show up

  2. let me know when your career takes off.:)

  3. So call me a curious old man (well maybe not so old since i'm only 5 yrs older then you) but I was wondering about your college plans?

  4. sure, could even make the biker gang have ashtin do the tourchure

  5. Hope you don't mind what I had Ashtin do. Taking Black and all that. But I think PK may use Bladur to fallow Ashtin. So I'm slightly concerned about how it will play out.

  6. yeah i'm sure. Cyborg could do a better job then i could.

  7. Cyborg can take him.

  8. i'm one of the writers, i just help put the story to words

  9. not in the least, sorry.

  10. sorry I didn't let ashtin and moxie fight. just ashtin would of backed out of a fight with her. so he just gave her the cold shoulder.


    If you haven't found anyone willing to play the male vampire biker gang leader, i'll take him.

  11. making fun of him would piss him off worse then a sparing match.

  12. sure thing. I'll just read over the other RP's to get a feel of things.

  13. ohh forgot to mention, that I'm trying to antagonize the situation between Ashtin and Moxie so Ashtin can leave to search for the gang. Think maybe you could ask Cyborg if he wants to Darrian to add some more tension between the two.

  14. lol, sounds good to me. makes it easier for me to post something anyways xD

  15. yeah, i'm still in legacy. just trying to figure out a way to describe the ship Dravin is taking better. thats something I fail at extremely bad lol.

  16. yeah, sounds good to me.

  17. when i get access to my computer I'll send the dialog to you. apparently my phone isn't sending you the e-mail like it says.

  18. It has relevance to LOTR, just a different continent with in Arda.

  19. i find it cool to say that its self hug day :D

  20. you my friend are a busy beaver aren't you, lol. Well I do hope you are remembering to have fun.

  21. Would it be alright if Dravin took one of Rawk's ships since how it's pretty apperant that he's being ignored by most of the group?

  22. no worries, knowing you are healthy and doing good is all I need my friend

  23. Happy Belated Valentines Day to you as well Skywalker :)

  24. i was thinking that maybe sometime down the road, ashtin leaves SS in a fit of rage, and possibly joins up with the biker gang, what do you think?

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