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  1. I think I saw that avvy somewhere........Deviantart maybe?

  2. Now you can HEAR and WATCH my

  3. You're not gonna let your RP die.............are ya?

  4. *tears off hand*:rofl:

  5. So fa 3 Mand'alors around LF:lol: But who's the real one?:raise:

  6. :lol: Your name style became famous
  7. It's a Scotsman wallpaper!:D

  8. So you say you liked the Scotsman?:D

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  9. Dog army? lol I remember them but they aren't my favorites:p

  10. guessig? You obviously didn't see my blogs:p

  11. That won't help you my boy. Preparedemongoplz.jpg?1

  12. Perhaps but you have your essence and I will steal it!!!!demongoplz.jpg?1

  13. Grim ol' boy we will have to talk someday. But you my boy, you can choose: Bow before me or kill yourself

  14. Tell that to Grim. I'm sure that two of you can get to an arrangement:xp:

  15. How bout I cut your head off with the Grim Reapers' sycthe?

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