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  1. Of course i can't steal it it's already minedemongoplz.jpg?1

    And no Demongo is happy without that "I.O.U."

  2. Demongo fails to understand a thing you just saidshockeddemongoplz.jpg?1

  3. I love souls even moredemongorapefaceplz.jpg?3

    But that song is EPICdemongolaplz.gif?1

  4. Look at this epic answerdemongolaplz.gif?1

    Show spoiler
    (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)

    And thanks:D

  5. Only Soul Stealing demons can do things like thisdeviousdemongoplz.jpg?1

  6. Thanks, animated myself =3

  7. Please stop counting them you won't finishdemongofacepalmplz.gif?1

  8. Consider yourself really lucky with your soul still in youdeviousdemongoplz.jpg?1

  9. He better bedeviousdemongoplz.jpg?1

  10. demongofacepalmplz.gif?1 But why?

    Oh well, Demongo admits you're pretty good at this stuff..........but that doesn't mean he won't keep your souldemongorapefaceplz.jpg?3

  11. If you say socutedemongoplz.gif?1

  12. What have you done to Demongo?!shockeddemongoplz.jpg?1

  13. All of them?! But that's not funshockeddemongoplz.jpg?1

    And besides there are too many! Create situations where Demongo has to reply somehow and you'll see thempisseddemongoplz.jpg?1

  14. Of course they are. And there are many you haven't seen yetdeviousdemongoplz.jpg?1

  15. Demongo is happy to have an apprenticedemongorapefaceplz.jpg?3

  16. Demongo is happy with his newest souls yesdemongorapefaceplz.jpg?3

    Other than that I took a little break because a full-body pic of Thorn was pretty hard but VERY enjoyable:D

    Right now I'm working on a .GIF file animation-kinda-thingie of ........ Oh no wait I'm not gonna spoil itdeviousdemongoplz.jpg?1

  17. Oh for the love of Aku! You don't recognize Samurai Jack's most fearsome enemy?!angrydemongoplz.gif?1

    Here child, watch my episode right here


    .....and I might consider letting you livepisseddemongoplz.jpg?1

  18. Demongo speaks in third person whenever he wantscutedemongoplz.gif?1

  19. Demongo's not listening to that name anymorepisseddemongoplz.jpg?1

  20. No. Demongo will not tell you. If you really really want to know, my Deviantart username is the same as my old one was.demongorapefaceplz.jpg?3

  21. Old name? That means nothing to me! BWAHAHAHAHAAAA

  22. You can find the most handsome guy on this planet in my art thread:)

    Uh...I mean your "request" is done:D

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