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  1. ah or maybe not:( >.<

  2. Hey CQ you are the only one who's online from my friends so.........What would you say if I would change my name? Maybe it's a stupid question but...what do you think?:D

  3. Allright I edited the post, sorry for the misunderstanding.

  4. Hey Corri what happened to the Mandalorian Wars?

  5. Thanks for everything! I will come and ask you if I run into some unanswerable quesion:D

  6. Specific questions? Hmm......maybe.

    If your character died, can you contine rp-ing like a force ghost who observes things from outside, or at least his last thoughts and stuff like that:D

    And thanks for the tips so far:D

  7. Hey CQ I need a wise persons' advice:D Or at least some suggestions.

    So I started Roleplaying and seeing your badges I think you're the one I am looking for:D I feel a bit...........I don't know small? n00b?. What I'm trying to say is I need advice. How can I become a good role player? Please mighty CQ help me with your 2400 posts:D

  8. I'll do that thanks:D

  9. Thanks bro:D And do you know a program that can turn videos(short) into gif files?

  10. loh we're having a conversation about you behind your back at the team hssiss chatbox right now:p

  11. Thanks but I still have to practice a lot:( When I go online most people from any clan can easily beat me. I own those n00bs, newbies and some average players but other than that, I got owned every time:( But thanks anyway:D

  12. Then I hope you will get them soon. I wanna own as many LF members as possible:lol:

  13. Hey there did you create some mods since we last spoke?:)

  14. Hey CQ do you have BF1 or BF2?

  15. Oh.....why rc, why???!!! Another Mandalorian group? There's already enough! But....uh........y'know what? Forget I said anything. If you want to make one, then make:D

  16. No prob. Glad I could help:)

  17. not lurker anymore eh?:D

  18. Yeah well better tell them first. Everyone's your friend so it shouldn't be that hard:lol:

  19. Haha:lol: Just noticed your rank:lol:

  20. Any idea how can you get models into the map editor? Or have you discovered something?

  21. If you know that way, let me know because I don't:D

  22. Well I'm not sure if you asked that Mir'dika or me but if the map editor accepts them, I will gladly use them, and give credit of course:D

  23. Okay I'll put in more then:)

  24. Allright here they are:



    Oh and note that this isn't the KotOR battle. It's after the battle in the GCW era.

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