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  1. I like the sithy. The sithy is my life. I looooove the sithy. YOU will LOVE the sithy!

  2. If you'd like I could make those sith robe skins... I'm majorly bored... I need something to do.

  3. Hows that Revan coming?

  4. I noticed. Nice work!

  5. Welcome to LucasForums, vod. Good luck with your planet mod! ;)

  6. I really only wanted the male... But since I'm playing a female in my current game a female version would be nice. lol

  7. Jedi robe arms please. And take off that flap thing that hangs off of Revan's belt.


    Please and thank you. :D

  8. In TSL, I mean..

  9. Hey, ner vod. If you could possibly put a jedi cloak over Revan's body you would be my hero. I would attempt it myself but Taina's Replacer doesn't work well for me...

  10. Sent. And after many sending errors, too.......

  11. What's your email?

  12. Do you still need the white HUD arms texture?

  13. Your sig freaks me out... :¬:



  14. Like, what did you set the stuff to?

  15. Hmm... I'll try. I thought I had got it. How did you import your skins?

  16. See? I regreted it... :¬:

  17. What is "The Game"?



    I get the feeling that I'm going to regret asking that.... >_>

  18. I really need that stuff. can you send it to my email?

  19. I'm trying to make mine glow. I think I might be importing wrong...

  20. can you also send the mando stuff? my modding email is rc2212payback@yahoo.com

  21. Can you send those and the .utx???

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