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  1. Actually. I saw LR999's thread and tried to remake it. I don't think I'll release it tho. I'm gonna keep it for myself...

  2. Much like what you made... Before I even noticed you had one... :¬:

  3. Good luck with your mod. Modelling is one of the tougher parts of modding. :)

  4. Hey. I was wondering how you got Juhani's ponytail to lower in-game. I could be compiling wrong or something. :confused: Any help would be appreciated.




  5. Hey. I'm wondering where you got the .wav files to do the voice editing for your clone troopers. Could you point me to them?

  6. I have an idea for your avatar:


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  7. How do you like this one? :D

  8. What was that thing that you can render with gmax?

  9. Plus I can't find a good one...

  10. It's about time people started asking me that... >_>


    I took it off cause I was going to leave LF but I decided otherwise.

  11. How's this for Wrath's saber?:



  12. Hey. I'm wondering if I could release a Unique Bendak Starkiller mod that uses the same design as yours? I don't think you released it. So I'd like to release mine.




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