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  1. did u install it?


    tell me how it goes?

  2. here it is!





    just type on email and then it sends you the link

  3. almost!!!! there!!!!

  4. im done! uploading now

  5. almost done doing final tests now!!!!

  6. I'll finish by next wensday?

  7. well im back and tell you what.....its not going well so i have 2 options.......


    im going to give you the deafalt skin and see if you can make one and ill try a thing where i switch the commandos and clonetroopers around and yes in usa but i got back early

  8. I'm still at tourny till 7 eastern time

  9. I told u I had a hockey tourney till Sunday

  10. look at my website and see a pic on the home page of your mando symbole. its an ad for Beskar

  11. well, you can use that to get rid of 40's headset,07's sniperpacks and 62's conc tubes etc but the backpack can only be taken off if you export the mesh and play around with it

  12. mine has the most frames I WIN!!

  13. whats the ansewer to the question?






  14. im making one right now

  15. where did u find that?




    : o--------------------------- O:


  17. light side gonna try darkside next week :devsmoke:

  18. i beat kotor today :)

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