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  1. what exaclty did it say?

  2. look at your thread i gtg now

  3. look at the glowing skin thread, i got it to work....

  4. ok no problem and i gots a question.


    in kotor, im on the unknown planet and im trying to kill mission (darkside) BUT, since i used her with the invincibility cheat, she's unable to take damage and i dont know how to undo it.......any suggestions besides starting over?

  5. did u upload it yet?

  6. all i have is .bmp format

  7. im uploading it now

  8. im making a video now

  9. ok ill start the desc

  10. I'll make a video tommorow but what texture did u edit?

  11. I will tonight or tommorow(I have hockey practice, go figure). I'll be on like all day

  12. right click the texture. choose expor to file. say the texture's name is battledroid. when you save it to the desktop, you save it as battledroid.bmp YOU MUST ADD .bmp AT THE END

  13. can you upload this mod to beskar?


    its the clone trooper mod





    btw hooper got banned 4 a week.....

  14. welcome to lucas forums!

  15. its 3 mods put together


    conversion mod, extreme mod and 212th mod

  16. i cant find the property that represents how they die.....

  17. well? do they work?

  18. hanger




    arena g9


    engine (my fav)

  19. tellme how they work :D

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