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  1. Yes, Jesus said: "treat others as you would like them to treat you, but only after you have treated yourself."

  2. As I know how much you like linux, I'm leaving Tux here for all eternity.



  3. Happy Birthday!

    Break out the Bud Lite!


    Wait, I meant root beer :p (That'll fool em!)

  4. It was the republicans that stopped the unemployment programs, not Obama. :¬:



  5. Oh, most wonderful and majestic modder, wouldest thou doth provide this uneducated yeoman of your educational material of feats and scripting? I would have the most judicious usage of it , if thou deignest to scavenge through thou's terribly unorganized folders for the file I doth request.


    Thank you.

  6. Congratulations on finding a job! You got it just in time, now that congress didn't renew unemployment programs... :(

  7. When you upload the SOTE stuff for Nick, could I have the link too, please?

  8. Yay! the pulsing holocron is back! :p

  9. No problem. You deserve it! :p

  10. I've joined the resistance against wookiepedia ;)

    (check my sig)

  11. So what did you think of my post?

  12. I like the hyperspeed powerwalking the little guy does. :p




    There need to be monsters to kill! :lightning

  13. I explored the outerworld at your site ;)

  14. I applied to McDonald's and THEY TURNED ME DOWN! I officially fail at life. :ohdear:

  15. At the moment I'm grounded. :mad:

  16. Dude, your avatar is hypnotizing me... :roll1:

  17. Hey, I can't get the dropbox because of the parental conspiracy. So if you could send me the imagehost links to the sote modules, I can get them that way. It is, as you would say, wack.

  18. Your blog has been very helpful for me. Just wanted to say thanks. :thmbup1:

  19. yat, what is that avatar? :raise:

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