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  1. Need anything done for the tc?

  2. I can't get to hssiss today, unfortunately. Over the weekend I'll be there.

  3. Is there anything you need done for CG, that I can do? (Or any mod really..)

  4. Good to have you back! :D:D

  5. Well, I cannot get word to use it as a template, so I'm using it as a guide. It is much easier than 1. 2. 3. etc. :)

  6. Thanks for merging the posts. They were supposed to go together. :¬: Me fail at typing.

  7. please come to TH chat. I'm lonely. :(

  8. How do I save that dlg tree as a template?

  9. Where'd the fancy toolbar at DeadlyS go?

  10. can you go to hssiss right now?

  11. go to team hssiss chat- it's easier to talk there

  12. I can compose classical music. But, the software I use exports them as midis. I can convert the midi to mp3 but I don't know if the sound quality would be good enough.

  13. How long does a threat be dormant before posting in it would be necromancy?

  14. Could I have an invite to the sote group, pretty please? :p

  15. Trig, would you mind if I used your art as my avatar?

  16. hey varsity. what's the modding god working on now? :p

  17. I added a link to his work.

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