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  1. Dang it GTA I couldn't get your stupid rick roll'd thing off my screen I had to freakin close out everthing. :(

  2. Hello, wonderful......:D When do you want to be apart of my crew ;)

  3. Sry had to do something.

  4. Welcome to the forums.

  5. Do you know of anybody who can help on LF cause I don't want to sign up on another forum. And nobody checks the EAW and FoC forum here on LF.

  6. Hey I need some help, I just downloaded FoC Alliance 2.3x on my windows 7 comp. and after I set it up and click run a window comes up and say something something you are not at 32bit. I am set at 64bit is there a way to fix this mod, cause this mod looks sweet.

  7. Do you like Revan, as well. And welcome to the forums. :thumbsup:

  8. Sounds like you had a blast. :p

  9. Cool. Did you have fun.

  10. Now that is mest up :D

  11. And you forgot to add Dr. Pepper. :D

  12. Do you mind if we do it through PM my email is kind of a pain.

  13. Shhhh....What they don't know doesn't hurt them.

  14. Hey man i tried to download the ROTS mod but google says the link is broken. Who is the avatar of, Super Speedo

  15. "Cheers"...Were are the drinks?

  16. Fantastic and geting better, and what is up in life......school school and more school. :D

  17. Hullo back. *waves back*

  18. What is your modding part for the aldeeran mod?

  19. But they have superhero,music and a bunch other non star wars related ones, and what would it hurt the most they would do is pull it off.

  20. You should create a Social group for your rpg, cause then I know I would join.

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