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  1. Will that mod you PMed me last cause I might nt download it for a while.

  2. Welcome to the forums.


    P.S. Do you like Revan too?

  3. Hey, for some reason I cannot add my bday to april's month in the calender. It said I needed to be special :p

  4. Alright man thanks for your time.

  5. How are the RC mods coming?

  6. Ya, code a EAW mod. For some reason a mod on filefront requires you to code it if you want it.

  7. Another question. Can you code a mod?

  8. Congrats on the badge.

  9. Darn....Thanks for the help.

  10. What about a mod or patch that updates EAW to FoC?

  11. Hey I have a question about Empire at War, is there a way to take a Forrces of Corruption mod and redo it to work for EAW? Or is there a patch or mod that converts EAW to FoC?

  12. Empire at war, Forces of corruption but forget about if you have never heard about it. I saw a mod at filefront for Empire at war a while back and for some reason I thought you stuck it up there but it was Canderis, my bad sorry to bother you. :thumbsup:

  13. I am saying, take out all of the stuff intended for Foc and keep the stuff that can work in EAW only, because EAW and Foc aren't really that different right? And I know nothing about modding this is stuff my poor brain is thinking will work but I am sure it won't. And I have a second question, is there a patch or mod that updates EAW to Foc? The reason I am saying that is because I used a mod and when I hit the credits button it didn't say EAW credits it said EAW FoC, don't know if that is a glitch or what.

  14. I have a quick question. Is there a way to alter a EW FOC mod and change it to a EW only mod?

  15. Hey man sry I never got back to you school is wrapping it self around my fingers, and haven't had a lot of time for much else. I will check out the website but can't promise I will join sry, I am busy. TTYL

  16. Mom is being a pain with me and the internet :(

  17. when are you going to release the third chapter for the shadow empire fic.

  18. No I changed which email to send my PM notifications to so my profile was shut down try now.

  19. Sucks no one is doing the RP. I will make another character to see if any one else comes on to do it.

  20. The other avie was better.

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