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  1. I'll remeber that hopefully i'll be able to go 100 in a nissan 370z :thumbsup:

  2. I went and got my drivers permit today. *woot *woot

  3. I went and got my drivers permit today. *woot *woot

  4. Good i thought i just dreamed posted things here, i say we hunt the Post Eating Monster :D

  5. Wow right now all i am playing is Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and it is wicked :D

  6. How often do you play KOTOR 1 or 2 anymore?

  7. How is it you have been on for several years and haven't received any visitor messages?

  8. Hey what happened me and Darth Avlects were sending visitor messages for the past few and now they are gone. Also i had a computer help thread now i can't find that, my post doesn't even show me ever doing one......i must be losing :D

  9. Hey i can't see any of your recent posts, WHAT!!!!

  10. Why did it not work, it was such a good idea.

  11. Happy Birthday to me :D

  12. Spun around in circles...Yup hate that too. :p

  13. Cool why the name change?

  14. When did you change your name?

  15. Ohh...Jeez ;eave for a couple months and people try to hide from me. tsk* tsk*

  16. What happened to GTA?

  17. Merry belated Christmas sorry i didn't get you a present so i'll give you....ME!!!!

  18. Meh....but like you said "I shouldn't complain".

  19. I still think i should sue you for impersonation. XP

  20. How has it been going my soul stealing friend cause I know someone whos soul you could take. :D

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