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  1. For me it does. Tell me what kind of computer you are running it on and what kind of stuff is on the inside. :D cause for me I have to practically upgrade my whole comp.

  2. You have een a busy bee lately I mean gawd already 92 posts and yu haven't even been on a month.

  3. Dude TFU2 requires a crapload of requirements to actualy run the game right.

  4. Is there a way to mod kotor to where revan does his lightsaber stance like in the Revan's death vid?

  5. Ya also I saw on your full force mod social group you had some that you don't have in the mod, are you planning on releasing a v2.0 or something like that?

  6. Merry cristmas my friend sry i am late to say it.

  7. Bealted merry christmas. Sorry I didn't say this on the 25, to busy :guiness: & :kisses2: lol

  8. Dude in my family it is pretty much christmas all year around, parents getting me things i getting myself things. And when i say my family that means my relatives do the same thing. Hope you had a merry christmas.

  9. I couldn't imagine not being in the us :)

  10. Hey did you ever figure out to fix revan's stance in kotor to his original one. From the revan's death vid?

  11. can't you keep those kind of things to yourself? lol

  12. I understand for me it is school, that is why I don't want to learn how to mod. No time lol.

  13. I have only played the first Warcraft and don't remember much of it. Maybe I will play it today.

  14. I have been stuck bellow 100 since I got on. :)

  15. Hey I hit 70 posts :p.

  16. Dude I remember when Warcraft first came out. I might have to dust it off.

  17. When is your Knights of the Old Republic the Jedi Knights mod going to start back up again?

  18. Well do you know if there is a mod to where i can use FOC mods for EAW?

  19. Do you still mod EAW?

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