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  1. I thought we'd never get another Monkey Island game, let alone one overseen by Ron, let alone one with music composed by the Monkey 2 dream team. Amazing news and it's coming this year. I enjoyed Knights and Bikes and kept daydreaming about Monkey Island in that art style whilst playing it, so Rex Crowle as art director is ideal. (And now I'm daydreaming about customising Guybrush's pirate garb like you get to do with the girls' bikes in Knights and Bikes.) Also thrilled that Dave Grossman is on board, and found this really sweet:
  2. Similarly, it's the book that appeals to me - not that they've shown anything from the inside yet, weirdly! I'd consider that as a separate purchase but can't see it happening.
  3. Really enjoyed that, especially the glimpses of SCUMM, BILE and FLEM. My highlight probably was Frank editing the dialogue with the pirate leaders.
  4. If the games are on the USB drive, what's in the 5 volumes in the slipcase on the left? I wish it was possible to buy the behind-the-scenes book without the collectables. The Photoshop mangling of the box art on the Certificate of Authenticity doesn't inspire confidence in the book design, but apparently it's got a lot to it.
  5. Got my ticket! I absolutely have to know the story behind that GIF.
  6. This fan documentary premiered yesterday, and features excellent new audio interviews with Ron, Dave and Mark Ferrari. Orson Scott Card and Steve Purcell have also contributed, voiced by actors. It touches on most aspects of the production, including plenty of details that were new to me and some fun anecdotes.
  7. Anyone here got one of these on their wall? Hopefully there will be a reprint someday, as it is just spectacular. I forgot about it and then the edition had run out. If there's ever another game, I hope it takes its cue from these character designs.
  8. That's kind of you – hope we hear something back. This thread on the Telltale forums led me to believe the installers they left available (for now) to people who bought from Telltale are DRM-free. They're not, at least not the Mac versions. It's a shame as I was hoping to play through the whole saga soon (I'm reliably informed Escape can be done under Wine), and I haven't revisited Tales in a long time. Not since I had a laptop with a puny graphics card that almost melted during the prologue.
  9. Ah! This has worked. Thanks, I should have searched more generally for that error - I just assumed it was particular to this era of Telltale stuff. Unfortunately I now find I can't unlock the trial versions (login no longer recognised) but it's otherwise running fine.
  10. I've stuck with Mojave (10.14.6) partly because it's the last version of macOS that does support 32-bit applications – I still use a few. So it seems this is a separate issue...
  11. Has anyone had any luck running Tales of Monkey Island on a relatively recent Mac? None of the episodes will run once installed, with error messages like "Monkey Island 101 is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash." It's the same issue with The Devil's Playhouse. I'm using the last .dmg files made available via my Telltale account. I see The Devil's Playhouse is still available for Mac on Steam (warning that it needs to be pre-Catalina) but Tales is now listed as Windows-only. I'm on an 2014 iMac 5K, running Mojave. Sorry for making one of my first posts on the revived forum a dull technical issue!
  12. Today I watched and enjoyed Pixar's Onward, and in the credits I spotted Peter Chan. He's uploaded oodles of his typically wonderful concept art (possibly more than you might find in the Art Of... book) to his portfolio site, here. Some spoilery stuff, although a lot of the images are fascinating roads not taken by the film – clearly from early on in the story development. Here are three of my favourite drawings: His art just has this wonderful energy that's still exciting me almost 30 years after I first encountered it. It turns out he also worked on Monsters University, which was news to me. I knew about Steve Purcell's work on Brave and a few other things. Whilst I'm here I might as well post the best episode of the DFA documentary, including the inspiring visit to Peter's home on San Juan Island:
  13. Admonisher, thank-you ever so much for this tremendous effort! I am downloading now...
  14. Perversely, Rock Paper Shotgun wrote a few kind words about the SE along with some unkind words about Monkey Island 2 - here. Obviously I think it's a dumb article.
  15. Oh - I've been playing it on my laptop with a two-button keypad and it did seem unintuitive that the 'I' key was part of the core interface. It's close to a perfect full-screen interface, but when the perfect one (CoMI) was right under their nose, I agree with others that it's a little odd. Still, it's a breeze to play this SE and last time the classic mode came off far better, so well done LucasArts-of-today.
  16. The Kate Capsize & dive track was as marvellous as I'd hoped, thanks to getting to that early! Just played through the Rum's cottage bit, the music outside and inside there is great...looking forward to those tracks turning up too.
  17. I'm enjoying it very much so far! Just into Part Two now. Like others, I was quite disheartened to find that the credit sequence was cut - the whole original structure of the intro establishes the atmosphere so well, and I think it was an awful mistake to trim that. I agree it must have been a rush rather than a design decision on LucasArts' part. But after that first disappointment, it's a pleasure to play the game with all of the improvements in place and the general polish is terrific. My favourite updated art so far is Captain Dread's map, so I made it a widescreen 1600x900 desktop - if anyone else would like to use it, here it is. Edit: Oh, for some reason Tumblr has has made my 1600x900 file only 1280x720 - maybe I'll upload elsewhere later on...
  18. I don't have the episode handy anymore, but it's during the scene in the Tardis, when Doctor and Amy are walking around the instruments, and she is asking 'Why me?' and so on. The camera lingers on one of the displays, which shows that same crack on a kind of graph. The Doctor looks at this and seems to consider it for a moment, then he flicks a switch and the display goes blank. It looks like this (from the blog of my friend's fine new Who podcast).
  19. Hmm - I feel like there are levels to that, though. Surely Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) the date on Rory's nurse badge, and Amy's age as determined by Starship UK may have something to do with the cracks? Or maybe they're just production errors. Also all that cryptic 'silence will fall' stuff that Prisoner Zero says... All stuff I only really get to spot or think about when rewatching an episode, that starts me anticipating what might be coming up in the 'arc'. I'm really enjoying it all anyway, I hope the episodes keep on being as good as Saturday's.
  20. I found The Time of Angels most thrilling... Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) I was not so clever and had the same 'how did we not notice that?' reaction as the Doctor and River when the one-head twist hit. I caught the earlier mention of two heads but it just didn't click. It was this great sudden terror that I think the writing was going for, but as you've pointed out, it's very tricky to let people notice stuff but not get heavy-handed. Mostly I think Moffat's been great at letting people spot crucial consequential things ahead of the series and feel smart. The repetition of the crack in Amelia's bedroom wall has gone from the nice subliminal appearance in the Tardis at the end of The Eleventh Hour to the crash-zoom signposting, and of course that crack's about to become a huge plot element. So many of the other subtle weirdnesses in the early episodes seem like they could be significant given the cracks, and generally this series just feels very carefully and splendidly crafted in that way. It is exciting to engage with it on the nerd level. As regards telling good stories, I get what you're saying about Moffat trying to cram too much in, but I think what I enjoy about his writing is how it doesn't stop where you think it will, he digs a little deeper, and risks a mildly chaotic narrative in efforts to make things interesting. The Time of Angels in particular had so many ideas. I've definitely appreciated and understood his episodes more when I've viewed them a second time, which I'm sure isn't the ideal for a childrens' adventure show, but they are packed with good, clever stuff that enriches the Whoniverse.
  21. Ooh, here is a longer intro leak, no cutscene-skipping (but not quite up to the chapter screen): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c46g2lwdZ_M (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  22. Lovely sloshing of water on the beach! The last SE was lazy with stuff like that. I also very much like the menus, and the new interface looks smart and much less hassle.
  23. Yep, it seems to be shaping up to be a far better remake, visually. From the selection of screenshots, it seems they've nothing to hide. The style is pretty consistent and brings it close enough to the feel of that hand-painted art used for the classic, for me. So I'll try not to be half-expecting something like Stan's horrible horrible sign from SoMI:SE. It's great that looking at all these screenshots, I don't feel they are spoiling too much - a huge part of what I'm looking forward to about the SE is hearing all that music. I really hope they've got that sounding ace. As Monkey 2 is my favourite game, I am thinking of writing up my thoughts on the SE when I get to play through it, on this tumblog I made. So far it's mostly just the screenshots and classic Monkey 2 paraphenalia, but hopefully it will get more interesting.
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