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  1. Yes I have an excuse to use Daimonos again! NAME: Daimonos; the Occultist AFFILIATION: Sith APPEARANCE: Arkanian. Long, flowing white hair. Tall and lean. Very pale. (Disregard pistol. Pistols are dumb.) AGE: 43 WEAPONS: A dull yellow lightsaber; Force-imbued Sith blade; the Force SPECIALIZATION: Sith Alchemist/Sorcerer SPECIAL STRENGTHS: Near unparalleled knowledge in long-lost arts of Sith alchemy are various black magicks. WEAKNESSES: His skill with the blade is rather poor, at least compared to his Force abilities. Used to be much better in years past. There is a high possibility that Daimonos suffers from some form of mental degradation (possibly megalomania). Has a tendency to make many uncomfortable due to being a death worshiper. ROMANCE: No interest whatsoever. BEAST COMPANION: Any sort of sithspawn. Has a preference for tuk'ata. Backstory.
  2. I'm doing alright. I'll take a look at it but I really wish we could get back to The Darkness Within and In Search of Darkness eventually. :p I had so much planned for Daimonos it's not even funny.

  3. I'm quite curious to see what these achievements are.
  4. Well I've been doing pretty good. I've gotten pretty far with Recruit Dak Drexl even though I didn't have much to work with.

  5. Happy Birthday buddy! It better be splendid!
  6. Hey Dak! It's good to see you again!

  7. I think this is utter garbage, to be completely honest.
  8. Hey the two RPs are back up and running. Just figured I should let you know.

  9. "We're on our way back to the Ackbar as we speak. But something is wrong. I can feel a great disturbance in the force." Valek rubbed the back of his helmet. He felt it too, but not as strongly as the other Force users. "This isn't right. Something feels wrong, but I don't know what.", he stated. "You don't think something happened to the Ackbar while we were away, do you?"
  10. Maybe it could be an HK model replacement? And DP, this is absolutely stunning. Keep it up!
  11. Daimonos basked in his meditation within the Trayus Core. It brought him a sense of tranquility, so to speak, on this silent and desolate world. The Jedi will pay for what they have done, he will make certain of it. However, his meditations interrupted; he felt the pulse again. It was stronger and clearer. He was uncertain about its origins, but he was certain about one thing - whatever it was, he was confident he could use it to bring about his vengeance upon the Jedi.
  12. Varik harrumphed and left the cockpit. He could use some sleep after everything that transpired over the last few days. He entered his dormitory and threw his lightsabers into his footlocker. Closing the door, he walked up to his bed and quickly went off to sleep.
  13. Valek awoke in the Cargo Hold on the Ebon Hawk, with his weaponry slumped all over the floor. How unprofessional. He got up with a groan, and he felt like crap. What the hell happened? He distinctly remembered facing that one Dark Jedi and then Tyrannus, but nothing much more than that. Shaking the though, he collected the many grenades and shell casing scattered across the floor. Must've passed out when I got on the Hawk or something. He rubbed his head as he placed the last grenades on his belt. He holstered his weapons and then donned his helmet. His boots made a reverberating metallic echo as he walked through the corridors of the ship. He ran into Xandros. "Hey Xandros, what happened? I appear to be having a case of amnesia.", Valek asked. ((I'll try not to disappear this time. ))
  14. It's a good day to be a German! Or have German heritage, in my case.
  15. What are Shores of Death and Evil Temple, anyways?
  16. I'm still a bit grumpy that Croatia lost to Brazil. They're capable of playing so much better than they did on Monday.
  17. There may be hope for us yet!
  18. "If this matter is settled, Knight Icarus, I need you to come with me and Headmistress Visas. The rest of you may return to your personal quarters." Icarus nodded and proceeded to follow the two Masters. "It was wise to not bring the Padawans along." he said. "They would have slowed us down and been a distraction, and we can't afford that on a mission that requires the utmost focus."
  19. Croatia or Germany. Yeah, I'm a hipster. Croatia is going to be clobbered by Brazil though.
  20. Varik crossed his arms and leaned on the bulkhead. "After all, it hasn't managed to stop us yet, has it? So, it must have some limitations, right? Consider that as we move forward, and we will all be better off." "I think after we killed Voleran, we also killed off quite a bit of its power.", he said. "Voleran was, after all, his main thrall. Quite a bit of energy would have been spent controlling him."
  21. "I saw a world...cracked and twisted. Hundreds of destroyed ships caught in orbit. The dark-side is strong there. It is everywhere and everything. I have heard of worlds like that. But I have not set foot on them." Icarus crossed his arms and stepped forward. "I have. It's Malachor.", he said. "And I think it's clear we need to head there as soon as possible." Malachor V - The Trayus Core As Daimonos walked down the bridge, he was in awe. The Core was remarkably unscathed compared to the rest of the academy. He stopped and stood in the center of the claw-shaped altar, and began to meditate.
  22. Icarus harrumphed and promptly followed the others. He rubbed his head as he felt another pulse. "I don't like this one bit." Malachor V - Ruins of the Trayus Academy Daimonos got up with a groan, nearly collapsing under his own weight. The screams were gone, that was a plus. The disturbance he felt in the Force was much clearer now, and it emanated from deep within the Trayus Academy. He didn't come here for nothing, and strode across the walkway into the academy. Thankfully, the academy wasn't as unstable as he previously thought it was. Ruined spires lay spewed across the floor, and massive fissures throughout the walls were commonplace. As he continued forward, the halls were unsettlingly silent. The stone monument at the end of the great hall was split, its contents spewed across the floor. Much of it was simple knowledge he had no need for, and passed it by as he reached an alcove. The bookshelf there fared no better, as ancient manuscripts and datapads lay scattered and shredded around the area. There were many bodies laying on the floor, none of which were decomposed - as the Mass Shadow Generator managed to extinguish all life remaining on the planet. Some of the bodies bore lightsaber marks, others force trauma and blaster bolt wounds. The presence of the bodies of old allies made Daimonos uncomfortable as he continued forward. Making his way through the ruined academy, his results were the same. More bodies, more wreckage, and more information forever lost. He managed to come across a Hurrikaine crystal in one of the rooms in the cellblock, and soon found a workbench to integrate it into his lightsaber. His next sight, however, was disturbing. Right in front of the doorway leading to the Trayus Core, was the body of a shattered man of gray flesh. It was reminiscent of the planet itself, with fractured scars so deep they resembled the planet's valleys. His body looked as if it was permanently in a state of undeath and decomposition, although now it was completely lifeless. It was Darth Sion - the Lord of Pain.
  23. Start posting in the RP more, you lazy bum! :p It's getting boring with just MsFic and I. You should also post something in the Darkness Within. It appears to have gotten buried.

  24. "Excuse me, Padawan, but I explicitly requested that you...-" Icarus stopped. Another blip. He reached out and massaged his temples, momentarily distracted. "How is this possible? Malachor was destroyed. I saw it rent apart before my own eyes.", he paused. "And I felt it, the second time." "I don't understand.", he wondered aloud.
  25. "You were there...were you not? What else can you tell us of a planet our Masters say is a coffin in space?" Icarus stared at the ground, recalling his memories. He was there during the war, and was also there quite a few times during Revan's reign. His body stiffened for a moment. "Yeah, I was at Malachor.", he said. "And I'm not comfortable talking about it. The evils that took place there were... unspeakable. You wouldn't understand."
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