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  1. Icarus trembled for a moment, feeling a tingling near the back of his skull. It was a familiar presence, one he knew all too well. "Its name is Malachor V." Master Visas's words confirmed it. He physically shuddered for a moment upon hearing its name. "I guess the dark side is more powerful than we thought. I mean, if it could keep a dead world alive...", he began. "Malachor always was a stubborn planet." Not Malachor. Why did it have to be Malachor?
  2. Malachor V, eh? Surely it doesn't have to do with our Arkanian friend, Daimonos. :p

  3. "Well, if it comes down to us not being able to defeat it, one of us could try to trap all of it inside. They would need help, but it would allow us to keep it contained with a minimal amount of losses, assuming it works. I hate to think of what it would do to that individual, or what we might have to do to them for the fate of the galaxy, but it's the only worst case scenario plan that I can think of. Any other ideas?" Varik gulped for a moment. It did seem like a horrific scenario. Besides, if they were barely able to ward off Tulak Hord, what chance would they have against this entity? Maybe that's what it wants us to think. "What if we're overthinking it? What if it just wants us to fear it?" Varik paused for a moment, thinking carefully. "Maybe it's not as powerful as it's made out to be."
  4. " ... Ever since the fall of the Triumvirate, the remaining Sith have fought amongst themselves. We haven't heard of any new leaders emerging, not yet, but that doesn't mean this hasn't happened. Your trial period is ending." Icarus was originally intent on simply ignoring the naïve Padawan and go about his day, but this new revelation has perked his interest. "What do you mean, the Sith are regrouping? Logically, that would be impossible. There's not enough Sith, and there's too few resources to maintain them.", he paused. "It just doesn't seem possible. Given the amount of losses they've sustained in the last few conflicts, including their little civil war, the remaining Sith left would be nothing more than a border skirmish. And that's assuming they've found a leader to rally behind after killing each other senseless for ten years." "Unless if they've constructed a Star Forge to create people." Malachor V - Surface Daimonos continued down the chasm, gazing at the barren landscape. The storms that had oddly comforted him during his tenure here were gone. The storm beasts he would periodically hunt for sport were gone. Malachor was completely desolate. The dark side was still strong, however. Malachor was still a nexus of dark side energy. He could still hear the screams of thousands of soldiers, as they were suddenly ripped apart by the power of artificially-harnessed gravity. His thoughts drifted back to the war. The Battle of Malachor V was a costly one indeed. It was a losing fight; the Republic had to go against the power of the entire Mandalorian fleet. The Mandalorians relentlessly annihilated the Republic defenses. Even after Revan slew Mandalore, the Mandalorians fought to the last man. It was only after the activation of the Mass Shadow Generator that Revan was able to turn the tide and force them into surrender. Daimonos remembered that day well. He was on Revan's flagship when it happened, and watched as the majority of both fleets were suddenly pulled into the planet. It was fascinating. The Zabrak engineer, whose name he'd long forgotten, had an intelligence that rivaled an Arkanian's. He held no sympathy for their deaths. Indeed, they deserved it. If they were not completely loyal to Revan after everything they had gone through, then they deserved to be eliminated. In particular, the few Jedi that were still supporters of the Council. Daimonos, lost in his thoughts, tripped and fell down a steep cliffside. He managed to regain his footing as he landed on the ground. In the distance, he could see the remains of a structure. A very familiar structure. No. He stared at the structure, and continued walking forward. No no no. As he neared the edge of the valley, he saw a small curved bridge extended outward, with large fissures throughout. The walkway slowly got wider as it reached the... NO. This was it. The remains of the ancient Sith fortress he had called home for years. This was what was left of the great Trayus Academy. Daimonos was both saddened and infuriated. He came all this way for nothing. The Jedi carelessly destroyed quite possibly one of the greatest repositories of Force knowledge in the galaxy. So many secrets, lost forever. He balled his fists and his breathing intensified. The screams progressively became louder, and in his rage, Daimonos suddenly slammed his fist into the ground - unleashing a gargantuan wave of Force energy. The sudden expenditure of energy caused him to momentarily collapse.
  5. "Revan and his armies betrayed their Jedi training. Victory at any cost was what they wanted, and what they achieved. I hope that I'll never believe the same thing, sacrificing the galaxy and its people to ambition. Revan didn't just want to survive, but conquer. There's a vast difference." Clad in his old Crusader robes, Icarus Thaesar heard those words as he walked past. Inwardly, he seethed. As a veteran of the Mandalorian Wars and the civil war that followed, it disgusted him how they had the audacity to brand them all as traitors. These new Jedi are just as propagandic as the old ones. None of them were there. None of them fought in the wars. They would never truly understand. He fought and bled alongside his brothers, and was then vilified by the very people he fought for. Even now, he still was. All because he chose to follow Revan. Fighting off the urge to vocally protest, he instead shook his head disapprovingly with a soft sigh, and continued to walk forward.
  6. Thank you! I worked very hard on that.

  7. The Ruins of Malachor V It was inevitable that one day Daimonos would return here. Even after the re-activation of the Mass Shadow Generator, Malachor still stands. Twisting valleys and jagged spires, it is a wonder how little Malachor changed. The power of the dark side is a remarkable thing, and the dark side is strong here, as it has always been. "I am God, and all other gods are my imagery." Daimonos walked upon its broken surface. It was here where nightmares became reality. It was where Daimonos completely surrendered to the dark side. He could still see the remains of scattered ships, ships of men that had been caught in the artificially-harnessed gravity. It was a power that no man should wield. "I gave birth to myself." But it had to be done. They were loyal to the Republic, not to Revan, and certainly not to him. Those who had doubting loyalties had to be eliminated. They had no place in Revan's empire. "I am millions of forms excreating; eternal; and nothing exists except through me." Daimonos didn't have a place either. He contributed virtually nothing to Revan and Malak after the war. Instead, he chose to stay on Malachor, and he basked himself in the ancient Sith knowledge from the libraries of the Trayus Academy. It was knowledge that would drive mortal men insane, knowledge that should be left buried. "Yet I am not them - they serve me." He learned terrible power here, and that is why he had returned. He had felt a presence, a dark, malevolent presence. One that he would need to defend against. Mere black magick and Sith sorcery would not be enough, but there was so much knowledge in the Academy that he had never touched upon. So much to learn...
  8. Lets hope your new KOTOR III RP is able to stay in action! I think I've crafted my greatest character too, it'd be a shame to see it go to waste. :p

  9. NAME: Daimonos SPECIES: Arkanian GENDER: Male APPEARANCE: Long, flowing white hair. Tall and lean. ALIGNMENT: Neutral Evil BACKSTORY: Daimonos is something of an enigma. He was a man who had served both the Jedi and the Sith, and had abandoned them both. He had served with Revan throughout the Mandalorian Wars, and after his fall, completely immersed himself with the knowledge of Sith sorcery while on Malachor V. He would remain for the duration of the Jedi Civil War, after which he became a Sith assassin and was personally responsible for the deaths of numerous Jedi. He deserted the Sith for unknown reasons shortly after Darth Nihilus devoured all life on Kataar. Daimonos later affiliated himself with multiple groups of the occult, where he learned various secrets of the dark magicks. Although it is unclear of what he is in allegiance with, it is known that it has something to do with the "Zos Kia Kultus", and possibly the Pius Dea. He is a death worshper and often uses people to further his own ends. As such, he holds no loyalties to both the Jedi and Sith, and has no qualms with working with either of them - so long as he does not remain with them. Although he is not technically evil, he has an unmistakable aura that often makes other Force users uncomfortable while around him. NAME: Icarus Thaesar SPECIES: Twi'lek GENDER: Male APPEARANCE: Linky. ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good BACKSTORY: A veteran of the Mandalorian Wars, Icarus was one of the many Jedi that followed Revan into war, and subsequently, fell to the dark side. He became a Jedi-hunter, and was infamous for his rather long list of Jedi slaughtered. Near the close of the Jedi Civil War, he was shown the error of his ways and has since then aided in rebuilding the Jedi Order. To this day he still wears the robes he wore into battle with Revan on that fateful day, as a permanent reminder of his past.
  10. "Pfon?", Varik blinked. "I heard passing mentions of him when I was on Korriban. He must have been long dead by the time I got there." "I am glad to be off of that sinister world. However, something tells me that I have unfinished business with Korriban." Varik felt the same way. "Indeed. Once I see this mission through, I plan on returning to Korriban to vanquish Hord's spirit for good." He paused, and sat down. "Anyways, I ended up on Korriban; not by choice, mind you. During the Battle of Haeedon I... made a grave tactical error, that resulted in most of the fleet getting destroyed and my own ship getting boarded. I dueled some guy named Darth Atrion. It was the only duel I ever lost." He gave a slight chuckle. "I always said I was never a particularly good field commander." "So anyways, I was a prisoner and ended up on Korriban. While there, I gave them the impression that they 'broke' me, and I ended up as a student at the academy.", he paused, clearing his voice. "The best way to defeat your enemy is to know how they fight, and use it against them. I was determined to find Tulak Hord's holocron, since he was a quite renowned lightsaber master, and I had previously learned about him while I was on Tython. His tomb just so happened to be in the Valley of the Dark Lords. Talk about luck, eh?" "That particular tomb was an absolute nightmare to get through. I knew I was taking a risk, but I didn't know how large that risk was until I found his holocron.", he paused again, trying to recollect himself. "Because before he died, Tulak Hord transferred his spirit into the holocron, and to an extension - his sword. When I tried to use it, it was for naught. I learned little, was mocked, and then my mind was forcefully entered. I had a, what do you call it? A battle of the wills. I won, but just barely. There was enough of him lingering about to still cause a nuisance, and then it reached its peak on Tatooine." "So long story short, I looked for a way to destroy my enemy and almost got destroyed myself.", he concluded.
  11. "So, what is it we are talking about here? And why do I get the feeling that both of you know more about it than me?" "I suppose I never really apologized for the whole incident on Tatooine.", Varik began. "You both need to know the whole story. I don't feel I trust anyone else with this, especially given the demeanor of some people here." He paused, and decided to answer Light's question. "Per'dra.", he said, looking over to her. "Have you ever been to Korriban before?"
  12. "Right, so that repair you made on the hull right outside your room will 'generally' work in space. I mean, if not, then it could only rip the air out of your lungs so we won't even hear you scream, right?" Varik widened his eyes in horror as he remembered the half-attempted repair job he made near his room. He would have protested until he realized that Light was only kidding. "You have a very morbid sense of humor.", Varik quipped. "I'm going to get nightmares thanks to you." "And this is why we recheck all of the repairs, like the one that almost cut me down outside. Anyways, I've got a diagnostic to run in the cockpit. We can all walk and talk if you'd like." Varik paused. "Actually, I'd like to talk to you two about something that has been bothering me for a while." He directed this to both of them, but more specifically to Per'dra. "In private, assuming there's someone in the cockpit." He silently wondered to himself if that faulty repair he did outside was the one Light was talking about. If need be, he could probably pin the blame on Corsail. It would, after all, be quite entertaining to see the results.
  13. Varik had finished his repairs some time ago and had since been lounging about lazily in the main hold. He thought he had heard a clank outside, and shortly thereafter saw Light and Per'dra. "Sometimes, I feel like some of these guys just connected things because they felt like it." Varik was aware that many of his repairs were... less than satisfactory. Indeed, his true calling was the way of the blade, not of the fusion cutter. Still, he couldn't help but let out a small chuckle. "Now you listen here mister.", Varik said with a smirk, pointing his finger, "I'll have you know that it generally works. Most of the time." He let out a short pause between his last two statements.
  14. I just realized that until further notice, Korriban will forever be known as Moraband in official Star Wars lore. Nooooo.
  15. "Are we all in agreement? We go to Voss and we finish this?" By this point Varik had walked into the main hold, "Sure, I don't see why not. No one likes a quitter." Light walked in a few seconds later, "Yeah, and how many of you are going to help me fix up the ship? We are going to start today, so we should all get off the ship. We have a small building for our crew, so anyone who needs to rest can stay there. If you're good to get to work today, then we should get outside and get started." Varik left the main hold almost as quickly as he walked into it. "I could stay and help fix up the ship a little bit.", he said to Light. "But eventually I'll have to head off. I'm still pretty hungry."
  16. LDR

    I suppose I should say welcome back! It's certainly been a while since I've last seen you around these here parts.

  17. The KotORs aren't completely junked. It only affects the post-ROTJ era of the Expanded Universe. The decision doesn't really affect me that much. I only care about stuff that is in the Old Republic era.
  18. Seems kinda meh to me. The animations look a bit decent at least.
  19. I assume you meant the Endar Spire? I was also a fan of Korriban and Taris, simply due to the KOTOR nostalgia.
  20. It's a fun game, but I've lost my interest in playing it.
  21. I think it also might be due to the fact I don't have any scripts on the utp either. What script would I be looking for in the toolbox?

  22. I changed its animation state to 204 and it still isn't appearing. Hmm. I also went through two scripts, "a_hawk_inc" and "a_holoworld", but they didn't come up with anything conclusive. This darn thing is driving me mad.

  23. Ever hear anything from the others?

  24. Happy birthday you!

  25. Not sure if this counts, but a friend of mine made a homemade hot sauce from a bunch of Ghost peppers he had. It was pretty hot.
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