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  1. If you're still in Florence, you can actually see Michelangelo's Dawn for yourself, since it's in the Medici Chapel there. For my money it's not Michelangelo's finest work by a long shot - his knowledge of female anatomy was evidently much less detailed (and probably less personal) than his familiarity with the intricacies of the male body.
  2. That looks like concept art drawn by Peter Chan to my eye. Nice to see him working with Tim Schafer again!
  3. Arguably that was Return to Zork in 1993. It even had context-sensitive options that changed for each on-screen object, like Sierra would later do in Leisure Suit Larry 7 and Gabriel Knight 3 (or the text menu options in Delores).
  4. It's like Tuco Ramirez said in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, in the very scene that was the model for the original SW bar shootout in the first place: "When you gotta shoot, shoot, don't talk!"
  5. Not the original version of MI2, sadly, due to the SE dialogue changes being implemented in both game modes. And even the MI1 SE has a few dialogue tweaks, though nothing nearly as egregious.
  6. This is actually something Bill Tiller has acknowledged borrowing from the unreleased Brian Moriarty/Bill Eaken version of The DIG, in which there was apparently an "idea inventory" for such objects (as well as more abstract concepts like the other crewmembers, for instance).
  7. Apparently the same tune is used for Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and Mary Had a Little Lamb Baa, Baa, Black Sheep. I never realized that. Mind blown.
  8. Personally, I think the Full Throttle interface was kind of clunky, in that it has a "Kick" verb that's only used for a couple of puzzles (kicking open the Kickstand door and the secret switch for the Corley Motors back entrane IIRC). And combining the "Eye" and "Mouth" icons into a single skull element felt like they were crammed into awkwardly small spaces. In contrast, CMI has separate areas on the Verb Coin for the "Eye" and "Mouth" icons, which feels much easier to control when you're holding down the mouse button to select an action (rather than just simply clicking once to make a pop-up menu appear). It's not surprisng IMO why it was the CMI version of that interface that really became well-remembered.
  9. Funny, I'd been trying to figure out for weeks what song the Phatt Island roulette wheel was derived from, because somebody mentioned it long ago and I couldn't remember what it was. I finally figured it out about a week ago:
  10. I do have to say, it would be interesting if the reason we haven't seen any images of Guybrush so far is that I'm actually right in my crazy theory about the Secret of Monkey Island being that Guybrush is actually female. (Or "the Secret of Monkey Island is that Elaine is actually a guy", as one of the Flight of the Amazon Queen developers put it, just turned around 180 degrees.)
  11. I never thought about using the logo only for the SEs, but that's an interesting idea. On the other hand, it would emphasize their "Special Edition-ness" as something distinct from the original product rather than a "restoration", which the makers of such SEs (whether in film or video games) are often at pains to de-emphasize, even when they involve hugely drastic changes to the original works. Both with MI and the Star Wars movies the "Special Editions" have entirely replaced the original versions in the marketplace, for instance, except for the odd releases like the Limited Run Games MI box set and the laserdisc-transfer DVD versions of the SW Episodes 4-6.
  12. Some answers for the prompt "Write an outline for a sequel to LOOM." First try - not quite there yet: Second try - this one's much more in the right ballpark: A few attempts later, the AI has decided the Weavers need a rival Guild of some sort: Another random entry that seems to be drawing from very different source material: Or perhaps a Star Wars crossover: LOOM 2, by Electronic Arts This one's actually rather intriguing: Speaking of crossovers... how about Halo? Some more input that is obviously based on different source material. I don't remember the "Sarans" from the first game. And here's a storyline that pits "Loomweavers" against the "Weaver". I think video-game writers can keep their day jobs for now.
  13. I like that the AI just completely forgot about one of the map pieces.
  14. Incredible! This is a feature I've wanted to see in ScummVM for years! Thank you so much for working on adding this!
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