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  1. Ah, I'd forgotten/been unaware there was an original promo bandana. That probably explains the weird design choices on it! I can only find images of it on this ebay page: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/115431823194 Seems like some changes have been made - the POLECATS banner colour is now white, the tyre track pattern is less detailed, they've removed the mention of CD-ROM, and obviously at least some of the logos are new (we can't see from these pics whether any studio logos at all were on the original).
  2. It's not actually the original art/OG cover though, it's a repaint of it.
  3. Is that thumbnail a spoiler? Looks like the menu changes its background as you go and that's a location from later in the game that I haven't got to yet...
  4. It sounds like you've been very conscientious and thoughtful throughout the process, and if you don't feel comfortable sharing them without those elements that's probably the right call. It does sound like a different situation from the Lucasarts stuff posted in here.
  5. I've not got much to do this evening, does anyone know of any good games coming out in the next few hours?
  6. Not if you think in terms of syllables. "Temple Of Doom" is 4, "Last Crusade" is 3, "Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull" is 7, same as the other two put together! It's even longer on its own than "Raiders Of The Lost Ark"! Also, it just doesn't flow as well.
  7. If you squint and turn your head they look like ghost bunnies.
  8. I think pretty much everyone here is considerate enough not to put spoilers in thread titles, but it's good to know the mods will be on the case if it does happen
  9. It's not that it doesn't make sense, it's just not particularly funny or interesting. (Also, mist isn't really *that* pretty, especially if you're just in the middle of it on the ocean.) Just seems like something they wouldn't have written if it didn't have that secondary meaning.
  10. OHHHH, I never got that! Yeah, that is a bit of a shame, especially as it doesn't really work as dialogue if taken at face value. I'm guessing Jayel was referring to the fact that Card is a massive homophobe.
  11. Curse Of Monkey Island bags on Myst? I don't remember that!
  12. Hmm, let's see what I can come up with off the top of my head (please correct any faulty rememberings!) Maniac Mansion/Zak McKracken Both games have one item each that would only be of any use if you could somehow cross gameworlds and combine them - a chainsaw and some chainsaw fuel. Day Of The Tentacle I can't think of much here that's likely to go unnoticed, except maybe... Peter Chan's trademark of hiding his kid's name Zach in the artwork, here as the licence plate of the Wash Me car. If you have the flag in your inventory when you change the design for it in the past, you get a snazzy morphing animation. Sam And Max Hit The Road This is jam-packed with stuff but again it's all pretty much in front of you. Uh... You can go back and check the answering machine in their office to get new messages. Once you learn how Trixie and Bruno escaped, you can go back to Flambe and ask him about it. Full Throttle The hood ornament on the limo is a caricature of Tim Schafer If you hassle Emmet for long enough he'll let you have a go at his knifey-handy-stabby game If you hold onto any fluffy bunnies you can put them through the fan on the front of the truck in the end sequence At least one of the bikers is a Maniac Mansion character - Razor (I think there's one more?) The Dig I think if you show a photo to another character, Robert Patrick does his T2 "Have you seen this boy?" line. I dunno, it's The Dig, whatever. Grim Fandango If you ask Glottis about the Rusty Anchor, he'll sing you a song. Despite it serving no purpose, it's been fully written, performed and manually lip-synced!
  13. There's no way they'd rip off classic adventure games Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please!, so it can't be their inventory icon.
  14. A whole Mix N Mojo fleet!
  15. Wild that you predicted the *£*!$!"£$%^&*() nose!
  16. See, I told you all we'd get a trailer. I may have voted that we wouldn't, but that was just a joke.
  17. Wowww, that is a brilliant mix by Dmnkly of his usual Guybrush performance with an impression of Marius and his speech rhythms. SO GOOD.
  18. Amazing! Was DMnkly really in it?
  19. I think maybe the confusion here is that Thunderpeel said that COMI *perfected* "the modern verb-based interface", not that it invented it or even that it invented the 'verb coin/tattoo'. Full Throttle used the concept before COMI, but didn't use the exact same version as COMI and so this doesn't contradict the opinion that COMI perfected it. (I agree with TP that COMI's version is slicker and less fiddly, but I do still have a fondness for FT's metal af version and respect it for coming first.)
  20. What are these "NSFW reasons"? Can you please explain fully?
  21. This may be cheating, but this YouTube channel (which I think is run by someone on these forums?) is full of these kinds of details: https://www.youtube.com/c/legendofmi I binged it a while back. It's amazing how much they stuffed into these games while keeping it unobtrusive.
  22. I haven't watched this yet, but here's Adam Savage looking at one of the original Grail Diary props (which will be going up for auction in a few days!):
  23. To everyone: just as an exercise, what actor or performance from tv or film most matches the Elaine you have in your head? Maybe it's just because of the name, but the one that immediately jumped to mind for me is Elaine in Seinfeld!
  24. I made a fanimation of @Marius's video!
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