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  1. i use dreamweaver4 or just notepad to make my pages...
  2. some of these are a bit old, but still exellent gameplay: Homeworld Force Commander The Moon Project Medieval Total War (very good) Civilization 3
  3. there is a coop ladder map. go to http://www.jk2files.com and search for coop. this is the only MP coop. the problem with making all the SP levels multplayer is that the MP engine doesn't support so many objects (players, droids, etc.)
  4. you go to the left of where you came out of. then go to the back of the room. there is a lower level with mines in it. go to the center. drop down the hole in the middle.
  5. how do i use the g2animent spawns with forcemod 1.0? i read about it and tried to do it but they wont work(g2animent is not recognized as a command) thanks!
  6. the light from the openings in the elevator is green. also, if you find the elevator with a broken top, drop into it and wait for the elevator to stop at the bottom. it will then end the level. like i posted above, its there, just a little hard to spot. just use noclip.
  7. Walkthrough for level 14 (Cairn_bay) SPOILERS:
  8. can you please send all your custom cfgs to myemail. i need them for my new cfg editor that i'm working on. if you don't want me to use them in it, still send it but include that you don't want me to use it. i will of course say the author of it if i use you cfg. thanks all!
  9. good for you! i should be getting confirmed next year about this time.. i think i am going to have st. anthony as my confirmation name... not that i find alot of lost things but i like the guy...
  10. yeah that commercial is funny. who da man? yoda da man!!
  11. to play as someone else w/o a mod you have to have a npc friendly (lando, jan etc.) when playing type into the console : 'control jan' and you can play as her. itll have the droid control view though...
  12. thrawn is good pelleon is ok though. he is one of the best imperials. (actually has a concience)
  13. what happend to the tie defender? that's the best fighter in the imperial navy. sun crusher would be good though....
  14. there was that coke can in the scene where padme & anakin kiss. its in the fence laying on its side.
  15. try this: music changer 1.05 it includes a custom music track walkthrough.
  16. here's a pic of the door into the doomgiver (the end of the level) the crosshair is pointing at it.
  17. CPU:- P3 866mhz Motherboard:- trinity 400 Ram:- 128mb Sound Card:- creative SB live graphics Card:- radeon all-in-wonder 7200 CD writer:- liteonit 40x12x48 DVD:-AOpen dvd-1640 pro Harddrives:- 40gig, 40gig Mouse + Keyboard + joystick:- Logitech optical mouse, keytronic keyboard, wingman extreme digital 3d joystick OS:- Windows 98,build 4.10.1998 and the other 166mhz NON-mmx.... i don't think i need to go on..
  18. just go up and down that shaft. its there, just a little hard to spot. if its too annoying to use the elevator, just use noclip.
  19. yeah there is. when you first go in (the dark room), go to the right and jump on one of the pipe-like things. cross over & there you are.
  20. i think that D3 and its expansion pack (mercenary) now go for about $5-10 USD. the mercenary missions are MUCH larger than any previous ones. i liked lvl6 - Noctis Labyrinthus in D3 in D3:M i liked one where you get to blow a station. it was huge, and great fun. i probably unleashed 500+ missiles.
  21. yeah, they are pretty fun. in D3 it has a cheat to have a thirdperson mode. also, there are different ships (3 of them). there is a good mod for it if you ever want to get D3. it is called Pyromania. (new weaps like a particle beam)
  22. i didn't post up there because it says 'avatar requests only'. this isn't a request; its a thread to see if people like the avatar i made and if they liked D3. however, i am sorry if i offended anyone.
  23. turn shadows to none and open the console. type 'cg_thirdpersonalpha 0' for a neat effect, put shadows to volumetric. have fun!
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