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  1. Heard this and thought of you. ;)

  2. Haven't really played it much apart from the beta. Was going to try and get into it but I've been sidetracked by other things. From what I have played (only about 5 hours total) it seems like an enjoyable enough standard fare mmo. You would be better asking Lynk or Mimartin as they play it alot. :)

  3. Thanks my friend. I've decided to wait until it goes on sale. I'm the same as you, I've got all the other story DLC's as its my favourite series, and having a complete package has always been important to me including all the books and comics too. I need to finish my Insanity playthrough at some point anyway, but I'm in no hurry. :)

  4. That was awesome. Thanks for sharing. :D

  5. Thank you my lovely Chainz *kiss kiss*. I would of done it myself if I remembered how, but I'm old and have no memory. :D

  6. No, only Big Ben, and of course the iconic red phone boxes were a nice touch.

  7. Same, I'm glad they decided not to, I cant help but feel I would of been disappointed with whatever they did. I applaud them for holding out against all the fan pressure. ;)

  8. That was a pleasant surprise yes, especially after those rumours that it wasn't going to be there. :D So tell me, were you angry that

    you didn't get to see Tali's face? lol

  9. Yeah I finished but I'm not hating as much as everyone else seems to be lol. I enjoyed it. Yes the ending could of been better, but the overall experience was excellent. I like the way everything was tied up. I'll prob write a full review in the thread after I finish my renegade play through. ;)

  10. ^^ How's it hanging?

  11. I saw this and thought of you... http://fav.me/d3h9c98 ;)

  12. Oh noes, tha zombees ate ma vid!

  13. Thanks for the badge nomination. <3

  14. You'll see the vid when hell freezes over. :p Thanks for the badge. :)

  15. leXX

    Nah, the squirrel was too cute. ^^

  16. leXX

    LOVE the new avatar. ;)

  17. leXX





  18. Um, you're welcome? :)

  19. Is it awesome? It's awesome isn't it?


  21. leXX

    lol wtf was that? I can't believe it has over 3 million views. XD

  22. leXX

    Doris Day is awesome. ;)

  23. No problem, it's long overdue. ;)

  24. No it's the Dr. Pepper promotion. A friend sent me the code.

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