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  1. All the kids are playing it, and now you, too, can join in on the fun: The Return to Monkey Island Trivia Game has reached Public Beta status, meaning you can kiss your next few weeks good-bye. https://funzone.mixnmojo.com/RemiTrivia/ Let us know if anything breaks for you.
  2. Keep walking out onto it and heโ€™ll start jumping on it. Return after falling and heโ€™ll refuse to walk out to it.
  3. Works fine in Firefox -- you might have some sort of extension blocking clipboard writing running. (Privacy extensions tend to block a host of features.) To wit, from Firefox: I beat #Mojole #194 and all I got was this stupid t-shirt. 1/6 https://funzone.mixnmojo.com/Mojole/
  4. I think your second question answers the first -- they, like Guybrush once did, thought they could use root beer to get rid of him even when he's not a ghost. As for not pointing it out, I don't think Guybrush wanted to help them more than strictly necessary.
  5. Cheap thin paper, so he could read through it. He knows how to read mirrored text, no problem. (Or this is one of those retcon decisions Ron and Dave decided to make, which probably is the correct but boring answer.)
  6. All the crimes could not fit on the front of that poster. Therefore: The bottom of the poster had the name on it. That part was torned off. The back of the poster had all the crimes. Therefore they could still read them. Just simple logic. Ish.
  7. For the record, I, too, picked LeShip for the same reason as @Romรฃo. The tracks drip with atmosphere. Mรชlรฉe is a close second, and the Brrr Muda stuff is great. It's all great, actually, not a single valley that I can think of.
  8. There's a lot of music in the game, so I'm curious... if you had to pick one location, which one would have your favorite music? (This poll is a part of a larger scientific study.)
  9. EMI is great, don't knock it. Well, it's good. Or, it could be worse. Or, at least they tried. In all seriousness, I do think EMI is perfectly decent and unfairly maligned. It takes some pretty hard swings that sometimes hit home, and other times miss by a wide margin. And I think the ones that fall flat are what some solely focus on.
  10. I doubt they'd use the same voice actor (Rob Paulsen) for different Bobs.
  11. I'm not sure it's accurate to say people have a "medium-high" view of the game. Some could have a very high view of the game but marginally prefer (say) MI1 and MI2 because of nostalgia or whatever. It's all relative. (On the flipside, they might just like MI1 and MI2, and hate the rest of the series. But that seems unlikely.)
  12. He hangs upside down. You're upside down when you're bobbing for apples. I don't think there's more to it than that, other than possibly being the opposite of Iron Rose on the hardness scale.
  13. It was #4, god, everybody knows that.
  14. Updated list for me, which could change any which day... MI2 MI1 ReMI Tales (Just kept everyone in suspense) EMI CMI
  15. For those who want to give it a read, here are some Cogg Island facts and figures and other spoilers: https://mixnmojo.com/features/sitefeatures/The-Secret-of-Cogg-Island
  16. I know anything I've posted to YouTube gets flagged as copyrighted but OK to share. That does mean they -- presumably Devolver -- can take it down at a moment's notice, but that seems unlikely, at least for now. (Might change if they do an OST.)
  17. Yeah, the lack of save slots is a real... "real"... issue. Makes it particularly hard for us Mojo professionals who may need to jump back and forth through the game in the name of journalism.
  18. Re: "recency bias." Anyone who plays that card clearly weren't here for the EMI release. It's fine not liking the game, but claiming recency bias for the many people who did like it -- most coming from different angles and backgrounds -- doesn't sit well with me. That's all.
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