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  1. Neither here nor there as far as ReMI goes, I suppose, but Benjamin Horne's monologue in The Return about his childhood bicycle is breathtakingly beautiful. Bravo to Beymer, Lynch, and Frost.
  2. Doesn't it just skip that part in the Lite mode?
  3. All I can say is heads will roll over in the copy edit department today.
  4. They're all perfect, be quiet now.
  5. Look, I'm not gonna say I've found the answer to what the secret of Monkey Island is in the ReMI screenshots... But I'm pretty sure I have.
  6. Yeah, I took notice of that during my recent replay. Too: "Pirate Lingo! It's how everybody talked back then. Come on Guybrush, play along." It struck me as weirdly eerie as opposed to being a throwaway joke. It certainly foreshadows the theme park, and how does he know Guybrush's name? None of which has to have anything to do with the secret, of course, but it's not outside the realm of possibility either.
  7. I just played through the EGA version -- the secret is definitely mentioned numerous times by different characters.
  8. Not a sequel, but there were suggestions it took place in the same world as MM. (And, of course, if you look at the ending, that very much was the case -- I'm still very conflicted about that ending.)
  9. True fact: it was actually elTee who can up with ReMI.
  10. Save The World was probably the best set I've seen for its (relatively) low price point -- this should be a no-hesitation purchase for anyone who even remotely like the franchise.
  11. ReMI is the preferred usage in the Mojo Style GuideTM. I'm just following orders.
  12. Bosco didn't appear in season 3. I'm also curious how you know the remasters' sales numbers.
  13. Doesn't the storekeeper come back if you try to touch the safe, anyway?
  14. That'd pretty much be an essay -- I will type it in when I have more than a few minutes.
  15. Agree with all of this. The parallels between the Monkey Island games and various David Lynch properties have been there all along -- MI2 was obviously released before Mulholland Drive but there was a weird amount of similarities between the two. (Let's just assume Lynch ripped off MI. (Let's not.)) Seeing Gilbert is a stated fan of The Return -- let's just assume that is where he got the ReMI title from (let's not) -- I wouldn't be overly surprised if there were some tonal similarities at least.
  16. For more detailed investigation, logo and all removed...
  17. Note that the seagull TMI killed off is back in the trailer, too.
  18. I beat #Mojole and all I got was this stupid t-shirt. 2/6 https://funzone.mixnmojo.com/Mojole/ It’s about to get… creative. ;
  19. I made up all the answers and I still can't do it properly. :~ I beat #Mojole and all I got was this stupid t-shirt. 3/6 https://funzone.mixnmojo.com/Mojole/
  20. Yeah, don't read the blog, subscribe to the newsletter for god's sake. >:
  21. I pretty much exclusively read The Awesomeness Digest these days.
  22. I think the only correct conclusion is that Kixx accidentally revealed the secret. ;
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