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  1. Seeing that any and every LucasArts forum I've seen has started with this question, I'm just getting it done with. Your choice is public, to maximize shaming.
  2. Odds are looking promising.
  3. Screw it, I put it back up again -- http://miwiki.net/Main_Page Actually, LFN is apparently finally back up again. I would strongly consider changing hosts if you have your site hosted there.
  4. It was hosted by LFN, not Mojo. For all intents and purposes, Mojo only hosted our sub-domains -- we don't have access to miwiki.net, worldofmi.com, etc., as they weren't located under our account. I assume you have access to the domain through your registrar; if you can get a hold of your files, we can certainly look at hosting it, but for now, we have no control over it. (Zaarin -- feel free to correct anything I just said. :~)
  5. http://www.mixnmojo.co That is what we're reduced to. :~
  6. Remi

    EMI PS2 -> Windows

    God, what are we paying you for, here?
  7. For those of you who haven't noticed yet: use mixnmojo.co for now. .com is… being processed…
  8. Hey, TSB was updated TWICE within the last year. >:
  9. It has survived for years without any actual use, so I gotta go with “immortal”. ¬
  10. Well, what was it? Multiple choices allowed, why not!
  11. We can only hope for another "When Tom Cruise infamously professed".
  12. Yeah, seeing Peter Chan was kind of surreal. I've known his name for close to 20 years now, and there he was... Just a real, regular person. Also all those artists, all that talent, together in one room... A pretty spectacular sight.
  13. Re-watch it. Though I agree with your Hector comparison, a lot of the scenes also have a very Hit the Road-era vibe. Particularly the low-res gag. Other than that, I can't say the game looks that hilarious.
  14. That tweet is like ancient! It's all up and renewed now. We're safe for another year. Or until the server goes down. But let's not think about that. :~
  15. They were taken down before this was posted, after Gabez received an e-mail about it from Jesse. I think there probably was a misunderstanding on the part of whoever put the tracks up initially; Mojo originally did have some soundbites from the game from way back when, but those were McConnell tracks and they were removed after LEC asked us to take them down about 10-ish years ago. (At least that's how I remember it -- anyone, feel free to correct me.) No clue where those files are now; I'm guessing they disappeared after one of our many (many) server crashes. Anyway, thanks to Jesse for posting that quick explanation -- quite a bizarre situation!
  16. ... or at least if they use iOS. This is definitely Mojo-related (if not entirely Mojo-covered-games-related): DotEmu will be releasing releasing The Last Express for iOS devices and Little Big Adventure for iOS and Android devices: http://www.shacknews.com/article/72920/the-last-express-stopping-on-ios?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter Gives me an excuse to try both. (Oh, as for the Mojo connection; eT has a love affair with LBA and Gabzo with TLE.)
  17. That'd be the first option in the poll.
  18. Somewhat ironically you've had five updates this year. Tut tut tut!
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