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  1. http://www.scummbar.com -- and they thought we were dead!
  2. Grim had flaws (mostly technical and a few ?! style puzzles) but to suggest the Sam & Max seasons are better than it -- while I do think both are great -- is kind of ridiculous.
  3. About you • Do you consider yourself a fan? Of the company? No. But I like many of their previous employees' work. • Why (not)? I was a fan, because they used to release pure quality in the 90s. Former employees still do through other companies. LEC of today is just a bit mediocre. • What exactly are you a fan of? The games of the former employees. See above. • What is the main reason you read and/or write on this forum? I really don't use the forum that much anymore. • Do you consider this forum and/or The House of International Mojo a community that you belong to? Why (not) Mojo, yes. Not that I do much there anymore, but I do receive some review copies! • Why this community? Why not the official LA forums? The official forums are just sad. Mojo is sad in a funny way. • Would you call the community on this forum ‘active’? Why (not)? Mojo is active, this forum not so much. But hey, forums are a dying thing in the age of Twitter. • Have you ever made a fancontribution in any form, other than writing on this forum Do reviews count? About LucasArts and the adventuregenre • Do you feel like LucasArts has turned it’s back on the fans? Yes. LEC used to be very active in the fan community, but that has pretty much ceased to be. • If so, do you think that, from their perspective, this is a mistake or a smart move (economically, image-wise, etc.)? I can't see how it's a smart move. Isn't the Interwebs 2.0 all about community? • What are your personal feelings towards LucasArts, and (how) do they relate to you being active on this forum? I don't think I have any personal feelings toward them. About LucasArts and fancontributions • Does LucasArts acknowledge the fans of it’s adventuregames in any way? No. • Is there any reaction by LucasArts to the fanmade ‘productions’ (art, games, clips, etc.) Not anymore to the best of my knowledge. • If so, is it positive, negative or something in between? • Do they encourage certain forms of fanparticipation? • Do they discourage or forbid other forms of fanparticipation? • Do you think the way LucasArts treats their fans and react to fanparticipation - which ever way that would be - is in their best interest (economically, image-wise, etc.)? I don't think they care either way anymore. Don't think that really affects the company in any big way. About LucasForums Some time ago, I tried to figure out if LucasForums was in any way legally affiliated with LucasArts Entertainment Company as they state nothing on the contrary. I wrote them an email, but got no answer. • If it is not the property of LEC, why is there no need for a disclaimer? Isn’t that a bit strange for a website which main topic is the company so infamous for it’s copyright protection? (although maybe you already disproved this during the answering of the previous questions) Yeah, kinda strange, you'd think a bigger disclaimer would be present. Strange. • Or, if so, do you feel like ´Big Brother is watching you´ and do you maybe take that into account when writing a post? Your thoughts and/or facts on the subject please. Hah. No. In general • Do you have any other thoughts on the matter? Does anyone here care about LEC anymore? I follow Double Fine and TTG, they at least produce quality stuff. Many thanks! You're welcome!
  4. That quote would be a Get Smart reference, not Monkey Island.
  5. Why read the whole thing when somebody else has done it for you? http://mysterymanonfilm.blogspot.com/2009/03/raiders-story-conference.html
  6. For those keeping score, uber-cool geek-chic site, geeksugar, showed some poster love too: http://www.geeksugar.com/2850617
  7. Yeah, no, I don't know anything about passwords -- try Thrik, he knows stuff.
  8. Hey, we do not **** around when we say we can be bought!
  9. Saw that earlier today. Nice. Joystiq has always been Mojo friendly. As they should be. (Also, good job Laser!)
  10. Hah! (Also, do you really want a MI5 made when you look at the latest Indy rape/screenshots/whatever?)
  11. Wasn't Nick Jameson on "Lost" and "24"? But yes, I'm sure he needs to be bailed out.
  12. Sorry for raising your hope there.
  13. Mercenaries was fun for five minutes before it got too samey. But yes a&d was pretty much the ****.
  14. Best season finale ever. Ever!
  15. 30? The word 'douche' comes to mind.
  16. Yes. Yes it is. Jae Onasi is just being ridiculous, there was obviously nothing wrong about those links.
  17. Don't wanna oversaturate the Mojo with shirt news, but for those interested (and I know you are) Bang Bang Grim shirts are back in stock: http://www.bangbangt-shirts.com/IndividualTShirt.aspx?PostID=82 Also, they apparently have a DotT design in, and are wondering if that's something we'd be interested in. (And I think we all know the answer there is, "yes.")
  18. Another awesome episode -- loved the whole "When a Man Loves a Woman" thing.
  19. It's not really SUDDEN as I watched all the episodes whilst in Wales, after having watched various clips on YouTube for about five months beforehand. There are worse shows to obsess over. Also, only season one exists on DVD in the US, so it takes some dedication getting all the episodes.
  20. "This is the most exciting thing to have happened to anybody ever."
  21. Hopefully with something more convincing than "Halo 1 had no hype" ¬¬
  22. This is all nice and I'm sure every activist in high-school would buy into it, but really... Reality is different. Also, going by LEC's front-page we're currently talking about half the games being SW, so there's a bit more to their overall strategy than that.
  23. If money rolls in how exactly is that not good for their business? I mean, I agree that LEC isn't superbly interesting to me personally right now, but sales numbers would suggest they're doing just fine without my or Mojo's support.
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