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  1. I am going with glitch.


    Ended up pushing things until 2 to finish the second round. Not sure if I was just tired or because I knew what was coming but Liara's farewell got me. Also, was able to rekindle things with Ash. That was exceptionally well done also. Not gratuitous. Not sappy. Just honest.

  2. Apparently Tali didn't hear the good news.

  3. She lived this time too. Only thing I could figure was that it was because I got both visits.


    Emergency induction port convo with Tali and then off for some unfinished business with TIM.

  4. I missed Miranda's first invite last time. Didn't this time. Got a different result.

  5. And I don't. I find myself in some sort of bizzaro world where I'm defending a Bioware game and people that have previously been at the ready to tear apart shoddy writing for being "Bay-esque" think the game lacked clarity.
  6. Liara isn't optional :)

  7. Took Ash to Thessia last time. Brought Javik this time. Never not bringing him again.

  8. I have to know... Oh and...
  9. I've numbered your points above for tracking. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) 1) So you assumed they died and then cry foul because they show up. It could be that your assumption is wrong. Someone mentioned hearing a call for retreat before Shep steps into the beam. If this is the case, then we have a perfectly plausible explanation for why your crew is still alive. 2) I took this as a direct lift from the movie Contact and/or Legion's attempts to make Shepard's interface with the Geth Collective "familiar". Artistically, the writers needed to wrap up the sub-plot with the child. I don't think anyone would argue that this isn't a bit clumsy, but I don't think it stretches the imagination too much to see it for what it is. 3) The survivors aren't doomed. We know that the new synthesized species survives because of the post-credit scene. We're told in all three games that synthetic life forms don't require food, water, rest, gravity, or windows. Again, I don't think it taxes the imagination to conclude that some or all of these traits would be passed on to this new life form. The strengths and benefits of both life forms. The weakness and detriments of neither. Shepard sacrifices himself to forever end the war with the Reapers and give every life form an upgrade. 4) Valid concerns if not for the fact that none of them are completely organic life forms anymore.
  10. That would be the logical conclusion if both of the following premises were true Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) 1) The self-destruction of a mass relay destroyed all matter in a system and 2) Every system has a relay I don't think we have good reason to believe that 1 is true and we know (just from the game mechanics) that 2 isn't.
  11. I just added Mac Walters to my follow list on Twitter.


    I really hope he leaves Bioware so that I'm not forced to go back on my "never again" policy.

  12. They had to tie that off somehow. It reminded me a bit too much of
  13. Hehe, I knew you'd finish tonight :)

  14. Just got an email from Ash. I think I'm in :)

  15. I'm sitting here reading about how much non-closure there is while Tali is resting on her home world at the end of the war against the geth. This whole line of argument is quickly becoming surreal.

  16. Make sure you talk to Liara *cries*

  17. You'll finish tonight. Wish I could tell you that the tough fights are behind you.

  18. Interesting discussion between EDI and Javik in the AI core room :)

  19. I told you: Emergency. Induction. Port.

  20. Damn it. I think I flubbed the relationship with Ashley again.

  21. Have you met up with Jacob yet? Please tell me that you caught the ESB references. Joker drops a Hunt for Red October one too :)

  22. Mac Walters has a pair. I've known this since Overlord. He may hit MCA status in my book after this playthrough.

  23. Was it spelled out in crayon and spoon-fed to me? No. I think I would have been insulted if they tried. EDIT: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) They show you what happens to Joker and EDI. I feel safe assuming that the same thing has happened to all of my surviving crew members from the previous games, as well as all organic life in the galaxy. EDIT 2: What "closure" looked like in my game: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Liara T'Soni - Fulfills life-long dream of meeting a Prothean, eventually "synthesized". Miranda Lawson - Dies after killing her father to save her sister. Ashley Williams - Overcomes "Williams' curse" by becoming the second human Spectre. Eventually "synthesized". Kaidan Alenko - KIA on Virmire Garrus Vakarian - Reconciles with father and becomes influential member of the Turian Hierarchy. Eventually "synthesized". Urdnot Wrex - Unites clans, helps to cure Genophage. Eventually "synthesized". Tali'Zorah Vas Normandy - Become Admiral, helps to broker peace with ancient enemy, breathes fresh air on ancestral homeworld. Eventually "synthesized". Jacob Taylor - Leaves Cerberus, finds cause he believes in, and becomes the father he never had. Eventually "synthesized". Thane Krios - Dies protecting Salarian Counselor. Grunt - Becomes leader of an elite Krogan team. Eventually "synthesized". Mordin Solus - Dies curing Genophage. Samara - Commits suicide in order to protect only surviving daughter. Legion - Sacrifices himself to free his people (a selfless act from something that proclaims to have no self) Zaeed Massani - Eventually "synthesized". Kasumi Goto - Eventually "synthesized". Jeff "Joker" Moreau - Find true love, then gets synthesized Jack - Makes peace with her past by working with gifted biotic. Eventually "synthesized". David Anderson - KIA while defeating the Reapers. Donnel Udina - Killed after becoming indoctrinated. Steven Hackett - Eventually "synthesized". The Illusive Man - Indoctrinated, then commits suicide to help save humanity.
  24. I felt they were pretty clear in the ending that I got. *shrugs*
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