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  1. Not true. I'm not particularly fond of Kyle, because I only played Outcast & Academy and never Dark Forces. But I'd love another JK-series game. _EW_
  2. You didn't intend for this to be a thread about Sex and Drugs? Oops. _EW_
  3. That would be illegal, and as such, isn't something we do here. Sorry. _EW_
  4. [ youtube ]*link*[ /youtube ] (minus the extra spaces, of course). _EW_
  5. What the hell are we going to do? We're more linked to them than they are to us. They already own most of our asses... umm, I mean, assets. _EW_
  6. @D_Y Hint: The DS does expose these things in the heat. _EW_
  7. It does only take one bullet to kill you, you know. If you don't "put it past there being a few hits at the exposed areas" then you should know that you're probably dead if you're in this scenario. _EW_
  8. Why did you quote my post and then choose to ignore it? Either quote it and reply, or just ignore me altogether. The half-and-half thing you're doing is odd. _EW_
  9. What are you hoping to accomplish with this thread, besides making a large scene? If you could tell us, then perhaps we could work towards a resolution (or at least an end) and you could get off your high horse? Seems like a soapbox instead of a discussion thread. _EW_
  10. I wouldn't want to wear that in the desert either. _EW_
  11. I'll explain it to you when you're older. _EW_
  12. I wasn't correcting so much as trying to rationalize it myself. I was actually confused as to why the two terms actually existed separately, but I talked it over with Achilles and I understand it better. Thanks though _EW_
  13. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) _EW_
  14. That's really absurd. Anyone with just a minute amount of sense would do a double take if they heard "Obama was created by Jews" _EW_
  15. I'm not too upset, as I'll never in my life own a Wii, but I think that any and all time wasted by Nintendo on stupid features is a disappointment. Just because it's a bonus doesn't mean it's good. The silly latin is lying to you again _EW_
  16. Well that seems dumb. Is this as opposed to 'atheist atheists' who would view this "sufficient evidence" (ie God talking from Heaven, etc) and then say, "I guess it was just thunder"? I should hope that all atheists fall into your silly category. I've not met someone who has professed to being so anti-theism that they'd refuse to believe in the face of overwhelming Proof. And if everyone falls into your category, why have a subcategory at all? _EW_
  17. Agree. A useless feature, to be sure. Because maybe they could have used all the time they spent developing this "extra feature" and actually made something that isn't ****? If they made a useful feature for once, perhaps long time Nintendo fans (like myself) could actually defend them on the interwebs, instead of just -ing whenever Nintendo is mentioned. _EW_
  18. Correlation does not imply causality. The fact that it was an atheist or religious regime proves nothing. _EW_
  19. Where have you been, Hiding Lion?



  20. QFE. If they can hurry up about it maybe I'll be able to get one when my current verizon contract expires. _EW_
  21. Looks good. I'm increasingly excited for this. _EW_
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