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  1. You have no idea how happy you made me when in your "Favorite __ of 2011" thread, you exposed me to the fact that the rather brilliant VN Steins;Gate got an animated adaptation.

  2. You shouldn't have mentioned the secret submarine aircraft carriers on here... next you'll be telling all the filthy foreigners that inhabit this board about the underground tunnel-drilling aircraft carriers we have. In the middle east, those things can stay underground indefinitely, with a combination of nuclear power and siphoning off fuel from underneath refineries. though your mild treason did result in my discovery of this, so I won't turn you in.

  3. Just felt like telling you that I unashamedly stalk your+mim's visitor message convo. Every day I'm guaranteed to get something amusing, game-improving, or infuriating. Sometimes a few of each.

  4. Re:The mosque graffiti- Disappointing, but sadly not unexpected.

  5. Thanks for the jester nomination. Though the Jedi beard theory makes enough sense to me (and really isn't any more absurd than some canon things), that it's gone from being a joke to being my actual theory.

  6. I agree. The racists justify it as not liking his policy or not knowing his birthplace. The even larger group of people (IMO) who aren't racist, but don't like his policies, and don't feel like they have enough evidence to support their opinions, justify their dislike on the basis of birthplace.


    IMO, there's plenty of things to hate about any leader without having to resort to stupid crap like birth certificate issues. 'Birthers' are too dumb to see the obvious, so they resort to the convoluted.

  7. Your state is beating Texas?!? Where on Earth do you... oh, Arizona. That would do it.


    Yeah, mine arrived, but I haven't had the time to install it and get it all set up yet. Probably going to do that either tonight after I eat, or tomorrow morning, depending on how much time I end up with. You put yours in yet?

  8. Your links on mim's visitor messages just significantly lowered the quality of my day. I'd actually been doing pretty well at avoiding stupidity until I made the mistake of opening them.

  9. I could say the same to you. I cannot imagine Kyr'aming a Galaar. Probably because I have no idea what that would mean. Anyway, I picked Liverandbacon in the early days of the internet, because all the usernames I wanted were taken, and I didn't want to put numbers on the end. I decided to pick something I was sure no one else would have. For a long time any 'Liverandbacon' on the internet has either been me or my cousin, though in the past 5 years or so, I've actually been encountering places where someone else has already taken it. :mad:

  10. didn't you know, I'm pretty sure you can't do a repeat playthrough of the game 'IRL' (Though some people say you can start over, but it's different every time because it's randomly generated or something. I haven't seen proof though). Luckily for you, the devs made the game long enough that in order to fill it, they reuse a ton of content within a single playthrough. Serious cut corners there.

  11. tot, you accepted the cookie. Way to take an easily obtained item instead of the 'no, keep your reward, you need it more than I do, and I need extra Paragon points' option. Oh and ChAiNz, you missed a really good Renegade interrupt option to ban the Tali-hater in mid-post.

  12. Ended up doing the same thing as you, came back online to post about it, and saw that you already had. I was also a bit worried about OCZ. Here's hoping the 320 works well.

  13. ok, I've allowed myself to get sidetracked, but I'll put up a character post before I go to sleep. sorry about delaying

  14. oh wow, months later I just realized what you meant by 'come back into the fold' in one post. I'm an idiot. I had to stop because my good computer crashes if I leave it folding overnight in warmer months. I was away from it for the entire winter, so couldn't get folding.

  15. speaking of lasers, something I've wanted to do for a while (and can finally justify to myself now that dvd burners are pretty cheap), is build one of those match-lighting balloon-popping lasers. For some reason popping balloons with a laser never gets old.

  16. Oh definitely. I would've put something up earlier, I've just been busy finally getting into post-surgery physical therapy for the last few days. Typing with both hands again is awesome.

  17. oh well, at least my bile-fueled rantings lasted 3 days as someone's sig. that's a new record for me

  18. Oh don't get me wrong, I understand that Pakistan has plenty of people capable of rational thought when it comes to non-muslim nations. Even their military generally can, unless you bring up India, a surefire way to make even the more reasonable ones begin to froth at the mouth.


    I see the pakistani perspective on the whole affair, and it's a massive PR problem for the US. I suspect the agency is more interested in protecting the information he has than the man himself. Of course, from a pakistani point of view, I doubt this makes it any better. I hope whatever information he has is important, or he killed the men for a proper reason (i.e. orders, not just for kicks), because we're using up a lot of goodwill to bring him back.

  19. Since there's no thread about the whole Raymond Davis situation, and you mentioned it, I figured I'd chime in here. I find it amusing that they're burning flags in P-stan, considering paying off the families is iirc part of Sharia law (diyat), and the USG appears to have paid more than the ordinary rate. This guy may deserve prison (probably does in fact), but I don't want him in Pakistani prison where he might compromise OPSEC and PERSEC for others.

  20. Holy crap, I'd forgotten about that movie. That's the John Carpenter one where all the rich people are aliens right?

  21. It's tough to tell with such a small image, but do I see Sgt. James 'Surprise M*********er!' Doakes?

  22. What did you mean by get back in the fold? Start posting with more regularity? I might be just a bit slow from lack of sleep.

  23. You mentioned a SGT Vacho in the veteran's day thread. I met a CSM Vacho once; any idea if they're related?

  24. I'll probably switch back at some point, since as much as I like Flashman, Kelly's Heroes trumps just about anything. Hell, the Kelly's Heroes references in Bad Company 1 almost let me forgive it for being a shadow of what BF2 was. Almost.


    The problem with modern wars is that so few of our enemies have massive gold hoards in sparsely defended cities... and the fact that so few tank commanders properly channel their inner Oddball. Perhaps in order to encourage this, we should allow tank commanders to grow beards like SF... though SF might hate that as much as Batt boys hate that legs get to wear the black beret now...

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