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  1. I did already XD

  2. Ok sounds good to me, I have been a bit busy with work and school lately but I'm soon to be finished with school XD just let me know and I'll have her join the team :D

  3. Yeah I know, I already passed one of them but it had me on edge because I had already failed the one before this one but since I aced it, then I got enough average to pass XD

  4. And when are you going to college? I am already about to end the semester so it might get busy with exams and all :s

  5. Yeah I already posted, I didn't know she was waiting for me since she was talking with Reyvan XD

  6. Thanks :3 so how's the Shinobi thread, I kinda lagged behind a lot and finally left because I couldn't really keep up or be in there with all of you since I don't really know Naruto well, I niver watched it.

  7. btw I edited to say that Lenatha didn't find her in the psych ward and so made her way to the hospital entrance instead.

  8. yeah, college and work but I brought it on myself though. Living away from home isn't easy XD but at least being with my girlfriend makes it easier since we both work and study, we're getting through it XD

  9. Yeah but I kinda mostly get arpund 5 hours of sleep at best

  10. Yeah I know, I'm working and studying all day, the only chances I get are five minute breaks every so often XD

  11. Well I sent her a pm so now I'll just wait until she answers it

  12. yup it's been a while, I'm thinking of doing a follow up to Magical Strike Force S just so it can continue since it died because of inactivity of some, myself included XD, how about you?

  13. 1. Only a handful of people in the psychiatric ward of the hospital and possibly Andorra if they are in a relationship already.


    2. That's a good idea, I'll message her because I was kinda reluctant about my first post because of that.

  14. I'm good, just been really busy between school and work and here XD, how about you?

  15. You can wake up in the med bay, Haruka will be down there when you wake.

  16. Lol i'll edit that too XD

  17. well it seems everyone had a different idea XD I was also waiting for someone else since your character was completely unconcious.

  18. I replaced it ;)

  19. Lol ok then :D I'm keeping watch on part VI just to see when it's time to introduce lenatha. ;)

  20. so I edited the bio for Lenatha, any other things you need me to add or elaborate upon? :)

  21. Shana

    ok, it's alright, thanks for letting me know :D

  22. Ok then, send it to me if you want in a pm and I'll check it out ;)

  23. alright go ahead :)

  24. lol well, I haven't heard anything from her yet but no worries XD

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