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  1. It isn't. That's what I'm trying to prove via Bastila in the Fugitives series. :)

  2. I'm just waiting for the right time to do so. Starting "Midgame", I had to get some other stuff straightened out first. :)

  3. Guess what? "Midgame" has now begun...You can introduce your Jedi, and I'd like him to meet up with Tysyacha, Juhani, T3-M4 and Niera on Ord Mantell. Agreed? :)

  4. Guess what I watched tonight? "A Clockwork Orange"! Here are the 3 cruelest scenes in the entire movie, from 3 (cruel) to 1 (excruciatingly, mind-blowingly cruel). Keep in mind that this is only my opinion. :)


    3. "Singin' in the Rain" (the robbery/rape scene starring Alex and his "droogs")

    2. "The Ludovico Technique" (especially when Alex says Beethoven did no harm)

    1. "The Hospital" (What makes the writer any less cruel/hateful than Alex here?)


    *plink plink* My .02. :)

  5. We're working on that...:)

  6. Is your Skype name "litofsky"? Mine is--shock!--"tysyacha".


    BTW, in our first chess game, you're going to go, "This lady is so STUPID!!!" :p~~

  7. "Paint it Black" was AWESOME!!!! :) p.S. you don't look like Komad at all *LOL*! :)

  8. Sure! I'll send you a PM. :)

  9. I wanted a Kalla-type character in this story, I guess. :)

  10. Niera sounds...deliciously awesome. :)

  11. You can use Jolee or Juhani if you want. :)

  12. Hey! Want to join my "Fugitives" roleplay series? :) So far, Tysyacha has one passenger and one pursuer. I'm thinking that this series needs a bisexual female...who totally hits it off with Ty! :)

  13. It's been years since we've roleplayed together. :) Want to join "Fugitives"? :)

  14. Want to join my "Fugitives" roleplay? You're quite good at something I consider not just a craft, but an art. :)

  15. Yep! I'd like name, age, rank/occupation, a brief bio, and P.S. Your character and Lux are totally going to hit it off! :)

  16. Yep! It's really cool! :)

  17. Check out my first real YouTube music video:



    That's what's up! How are you, CQ? :) I hope you like it!

  18. Two words: HOLY.....!!!!!!!!!!!


    These are absolutely PHENOMENALLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. It's a long sword, like the non-upgradeable one in KOTOR II, and Kashyyyk would RULE! :)



    As for the other guy (Virul?)...not so much.

  21. The picture of Komad is super, and as for Andorra...Maybe she can wear Star Wars clothes that AREN'T Jedi Robes? I know! Put her in Leia's dress, or maybe the outfit that she wears as a slave. Uh--dang--not too many girls besides Leia in the SW movies...Maybe Padme's simple clothing, like what she wears in AotC when she's about to be executed--the white top and pants?

  22. If possible, something dark and rather goth-y. :)

  23. Two words: Carrie Underwood!!!!

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