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  1. Athos,


    Perhaps you'd care for KOTOR: Endgame more? I really love it when you RP with me.

  2. Want to join my KOTOR: Endgame RP? :)

  3. That's because I can't think of an Andorra quote that's actually sig-worthy. :p

  4. Actually, no. I wanted to start over fresh. :)

  5. Go ahead! :) Nice to see some old faces (canon SW faces) now and again. :)

  6. I love your username--and Les Miserables! (Saw the musical & read the book). :)

  7. I'll have to think of what I want in it. Thank you so much! :)

  8. Me again. :) Sorry if I'm bugging you, but these 8 kids need at least 1 adult on their side...:D

  9. You are AWESOME!!! :)

  10. 8/32/64 is up and rolling! :)

  11. *psst* Started 8/32/64, I have, and DC has been called to the "PO-PO"--the Principal's Office! :p

  12. *psst* I've started 8/32/64. :)

  13. *psst* I've started 8/32/64. :)

  14. *psst* I just started 8/32/64. :)

  15. Athos,


    Would you be interested in joining my 8/32/64 RP? I desperately need guys...


    Accidental double-entendre! I mean I need more guys to participate in the RP! ;)

  16. *nod nod* Everybody else at Uni-Hi looks feverish/pallid/emaciated/bloated/sick.

  17. Sure! :) 3% is 3 out of every 100 kids, not just one. :) Can't wait to see your character bio/sketch!

  18. Would you like to join my 8/32/64 RP? Your excellent writing skills are most welcome. :)

  19. Would you like to join my 8/32/64 RP? Your writing skills are quite above average, which is what I'm looking for here. :)

  20. Want to join my new RP, 8/32/64? :)

  21. It's a side effect of her "rehabilitation therapy"--Andorra's far more eager to please and make up for what she did as a Sith.

  22. You bet...as soon as she's finished talking to Wrath. :p

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