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  1. How tender and touching! :) I was definitely moved by the reunion. Bravo! :)

  2. Oh, not at all! :) *goes over to look at 2012*

  3. Thanks, guys! :) I had a great birthday weekend! *HUGZ*

  4. Thanks! :) I won't be surprised if something like this really does come out in the future.

  5. Maybe...The Force has to hit me just right, and it hasn't yet. If you're looking for some entertainment, check out "Skeletons in my Closet" in the CEC! :) (BTW, thanks for participating in Fugitives! You rock!

  6. I imagine the Protagonist as male in my own mind, but I do like your second idea, too. *wink* Whatever you do, I say go for it. Cheers!

  7. Want to check out my "Overclocked" fic? I think it's my best one yet...:)

  8. Want to check out my "Overclocked" fic? :)


    How'd you get your avatar? It p0wns!

  9. *giggle* Check out "How to Suckceed at Chess Without Really Trying." :p

  10. Psst...Check out "How to Suckceed at Chess Without Really Trying". ;)

  11. Rush is awesome!!! :) Go ahead and post it! ;)

  12. Happy 19th Birthday!!! For your present, Tim doesn't get to die! *LOL* :)

  13. OH, heck no!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. *LOL* I was planning to have him get pushed off one of the balconies of the house into the icy sea below...where he gets chopped to pieces on the Icecliff! That's "chopped" as in impaled, and then turned into a bloody pulp. U like? ;)

  15. I do know who's going to die, if no one else volunteers.

  16. Want to join my "Eleventh Hour" roleplay? :)

  17. *giggle* Glad you're looking at Eleventh Hour. It needs more girls besides Shakhmaty and Henrietta! *LOL*

  18. She could have, but she thought/I thought that if she didn't shave her head and everything, everyone else would recognize her as "P" the celebrity, which Pahro of course did not want. As a female, even as a female soldier, she looked too much like her old self. Also, she mistakenly thought that if she disguised herself as a man, the Jedi wouldn't recognize her quite as well, but they did...

  19. The Republic soldiers look great, and if Mortis was male? I might not have taken the part, because I roleplay girls a lot better (especially girls who play for both teams). Remember "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus"? It's not that I can't roleplay men at all, I just have more experience in the female perspective.

  20. "Loss" was a great story! I love getting a window into Kalla's mind, since I'm playing Andirrul. I only wish it could have been longer!

  21. Hi, there! To be honest, I've been in a total slump this week when it comes to figuring out what to write for the threads I'm directing. I've been preoccupied by stuff that's going on in my life--mainly a job interview I'm going to on Monday that I'm not so sure I want anymore. I'd like to take it, but I don't know if the interviewer will think I'm just dumb and inexperienced for trying to apply for it.


    Thanks for your understanding, and sorry I've been so out of it this week.

  22. Want to join my "Second Legacy" RP? You can be a Mandalorian if you want! :)

  23. Would you like to join my "Second Legacy" RP? Since you're interested in LotF...:)

  24. Hey! I've made a perfect way for you to post and enter "Fugitives". Your move! :)

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