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  1. No, but I have heard of it. I have even heard of Drizzt. :)

  2. Here's an idea: Shakhmaty gets the mission to investigate a "Deathstage cult", secretly led by Lucien. As for Lucien, he volunteers to go after Krahl, supposedly to prove his loyalty to the King, but rather intending to turn Krahl to his side and have him kill the "bad" people of Ferelden...namely, everyone. Agree? :)

  3. I'm assuming the King doesn't know about Krahl and his men yet...right?

  4. In "Deathstage", I was thinking that two (maybe three, counting Zero) particular characters were the ones that suddenly made the six brigands "get dead". Aye? :)

  5. Great character! :) Could you please post your "Origin Story" (background story) now? :)

  6. BTW, what server do you play on in DDO?

  7. Hey, Litofsky! You're back!

    I didn't post your part in Fugitives yet because Niera, Juhani and I are right in the middle of trying to get the UMBRA cloaking device from one crime lord on Ord Mantell. How about you land, find the Hawk, and climb aboard because you suspect that I might not be far behind? :)

  8. Want to join my Dragon Age/DDO roleplay called "Deathstage"? If you do, you'll get to see some of my best RP'ing yet. :) Think James Bond, minus the cheese.

  9. Want to join my "Dragon Age/DDO" roleplay? You're doing phenomenal as Juhani!

  10. Interested in my "Dragon Age/DDO" roleplay? You're RPing Psycho pretty well. :)

  11. Want to join my new "Dragon Age/DDO" roleplay? You're the one who started the thread about Dragon Age in the Outlander's Club, so I figured you were interested in the game at least somewhat. :)

  12. I noticed you checking out my "Deathstage" RP today. Want to join? :)

  13. Maybe so, but I'm definitely dying to see your Origin Stories anyway. ;P

  14. oops. sorry--brain fart!

  15. BTW, please don't post until I do. Mine has the "opening text crawl" for the RP.

  16. There's always the betrayal option...*LOL* Anyway, as it is with the Dragon Age: Origins game scenario, my first post regarding Shakhmaty and Lucien shall be their Origin Story--their background--not just a paragraph, but a post. I'd like you to make Origin Stories regarding Alkonium and Nierra, as well. Off to write!

  17. I LOVE YOUR CHARACTERS!!! One question, though: Are Alkonium and Nierra romantically interested/in love with one another? If not, you can bet a certain Human Paladin who thinks celibacy is crap will be drooling over both of them...

  18. Indeed. :) Of course, Lucien does not believe he IS evil. A la my usual villains.

  19. I have signed up for the beta, but I don't know how to download the game. Also, you can be any alignment in the D and D games, but if you want to keep it a secret until later, that's OK too. :)

  20. I plan to download it on August 5th, when rumor has it DDO becomes free to play.

  21. You can strike and kill JM's character anytime--the quicker, the better! :)

  22. You can, since Niera is the one who is going to distract him. :)

  23. She's going to try and mediate between the two, most likely unsuccessfully. :p

  24. Oh, yes yes yes yes! I know this is a PG-13 site, but I'm going to write a chase scene where Ty, at least, gets her cover blown and the crime lord's lackeys start pursuing her. In a darkly comic moment, Ty miscalculates where she's at and the thugs knock her unconscious--letting her fall into a big pile of nearby garbage. Guess who rescues her and takes her back to the ship--a soapy sponge bath first priority while the Exile's still passed out? :)

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