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  1. In a word...AMAZING!!!! :)

  2. I am WAY TiRED from a business trip i just came back from. Can't even type righrt!


  4. EXCELLENT!!!!! :)

  5. Whazzup? My spirits, having finished my first real keynote speech at work on Fri.! Thanks for asking! What's up with you?

  6. I think Mass Effect has downloadable content, which you need an Internet connection to acquire. Zakal--excellent connection, although I was channeling someone who has an anagram of Kirae's name. ;)

  7. Yep. Don't worry....I can write "freaky Sith Lord"!

  8. Leaning that way, but not totally--yet. Just checking it out.

  9. *clears throat* My Lord Emperor, A-T19 in "Fear, War, Empire" has a report for you! :)

  10. Fear, War, Empire is itching for your input! XD

  11. I'm going to steal it again! :) Fear, War, Empire is itching for a post or two...;)

  12. By the way, can I e-mail you as a friend? I'd love to discuss things with you on a deeper level, and also send you my (unfinished) book. :)

  13. Not interested in a relationship? Disappoint me, this does. :) Can I still dedicate stories to you? :)

  14. Hey, CommanderQ! By the way, how old are you in real life? I'm 29, and I want to see...


    I guess you can say I kind of like you, and I want to find out if doing so makes me a pedophile...:)

  15. Did you like "Odnazhdiy"? I noticed you read it. :)

  16. When you say "channel roleplay", what do you mean by that? What channels do you roleplay on? By the way, my next story in the CEC is dedicated to you. It's called "Odnazhdiy," or "Once." I hope you like it! Guess which character is you? :)

  17. Aha...so when is he going to commit suicide? *Are there any more 'hints' that Andorra could see in her *sublustrum* state that would give a clue as to what he's doing, without giving too much away?*

  18. By the way, thanks for reading my blog! I didn't think anyone would...


    ...and I have an idea. Does Lord Virul have to be in the presence of his prisoner in order to take over his/her body? Maybe, when Andorra is deep in her "sublustrum" state (basically a state of lucid dreaming, or in her case, lucid nightmares), Virul could invade her mind and surprise everyone, even Kalla. What do you think?

  19. Hi, again! :) I don't mean to bug you, but do you roleplay? I love your avatar. :)

  20. Sure you can join! Master Zhar is still open, as is Dorak, the Archivist Councellor. :)

  21. Okay, I've "pulled a Tysyacha" again and quit that one, but I'm waiting for people to post in my "Council of the Old Republic" one. Thanks for checking on me! :)

  22. Psst! Council of the Old Republic is ready in the DTC if you're ready. :)

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