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  1. *psst* Did you know that you can now enter Perdante's mind? She sent your ship reeling off into space a couple posts ago. Sorry, Ibis, this time YOU lost! *LOL*

  2. Maybe Alkonium's character can do it. :)

  3. I know, but I was just coming off of a break at work! :)

  4. Alkonium--no I didn't! Congratulations on your awesome powers of sneakiness! :)

  5. That does work for me, Chevron! In fact, it would be a serious blow to the Order!

  6. Sure is, but when I click on your links to see what Zen looks like, I get errors in my browser. Maybe you could try posting the links again? Thank you! :)

  7. That's OK, and your entrance is perfect!

  8. Certainly! There ought to be more than one running around. *LOL* :)

  9. Sure! How about this: You're a smuggler, right? And you know that information equals power, right? How about you've been following Dominic Travesty, trying to track him, in order to collect information about "the Found" so that you'll get paid by some officers of the Republic who are trying to find out more about the sect. You have managed to track Dominic to Dantooine. Sound okay?

  10. BRILLIANT! Now, how do I make that my sig?

  11. The quote from Andorra. In fact, make it yellow. Easier to see. :)

  12. Seeing your writing is like winning the lottery after filing for bankruptcy.


    Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Mostly, yes. *rushes off to read your post*

  14. ForceFight,


    Where do you want "the Found" to start off? What planet/city, I mean?

  15. Awesomeness, but could you please change the text to white? Also, how do you include signatures in your posts? Thanks!

  16. You, since you were the one who's bringing (her?) into it. :)

  17. Hmmm...I'd like the current Grand Master of the Order to be one of the former KOTOR II Jedi, perhaps Brianna/Handmaiden.

  18. It's been five years. I would be both humbled and honored if you'd join me/us.


    I mean that.



  19. OMG IT'S YOU!!!!!!! LOOOONG TIME NO SEE! *dances*


    I thought you'd dropped off the face of the planet! Care to join Endgame? :)



  20. Definitely. I can't wait to post it into the thread tomorrow! :D


    You ROCK at making sigs, text crawls, roleplays, and avatar pictures!

  21. You read my mind! *LOL* Shall we dance--er, duel? *muahahahaha* :)

  22. *if you want to make a text crawl, the text is in yellow in the Casting Call* :)


    *will quit bugging you now*

  23. Oh, and could you pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease....


    ...make a text crawl for Endgame that I can post in my first post (later)? :)


    Thank you so much! :)

  24. Cool Andorra quote (will post this in a future segment of mine)...


    "If I repeat a mistake, that is no failure. However, if I learn nothing from either repetition, it is."

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