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  1. Check and Mate is going fantastic, and the other ones are going OK too. Thanks for asking! :)

  2. Could you re-send me the link, please? I've unfortunately forgotten it. :(

  3. Excellent--except my job search! *LOL*

  4. That's OK. I'll just pretend that Juhani is following Perdante and is with the main group. No worries! :)

  5. Yeah, that would be fine. :)

  6. Hey, Master Archon? Would you be willing to give me some suggestions for characters and plot devices for a story (like a novella/novel) I'm trying to write? :)

  7. Sure, and it looks great!

  8. Sure, that would work, but for right now I want the "thralls" (tee hee hee!) to be completely gullible at this time. Well, not exactly "gullible", but definitely giving Faren WAY too much of the benefit of the doubt because they're scared of the rogue Elementalists and Inceptors that are going around Nirriven wreaking havoc.

  9. That's all right with me if Juhani comes for a lecture--er, a VISIT--and Atton? He hasn't shown up much lately, but for simplicity's sake, I'm going to have him back at the Republic HQ.

  10. And Faren's perspective is coming right up, like a short-order cook's preparation!

  11. Writer,


    I don't know if I'm going to do anything with Inception after all. Right now, I'm in Nirriven, and that's pretty involved. Also, like the movie, I'm afraid that the Inception RP will get "heckuva confusing", even to me. (Please don't hate me!) :)

  12. Nope! I made one up, and he's a Dwarf now--Faren Mageslayer. :)

  13. Yeah. :) That sounds like a good idea. :)

  14. Well, in Niera's case, she's definitely "on loose sand" with Captain Starr right now due to her offer to hide Visas Marr aboard the Millennial. Perdante has already apologized to the Captain and has the intention of working her way back into Starr's good graces. Perhaps Niera could attempt to do the same, in her own way.

  15. That's OK, Alkonium. :) Too bad I can't make a DA:O video of their appearance! *LOL*

  16. I'm still in Check and Mate, yeah, but no one else besides me seems to be posting a lot. And I'd like you to interrogate Visas, so that you can find out more about the Exile.

  17. I second Alkonium's invitation to join "Nirriven: Divided We Fall"!

  18. Your Umbral is great!!!

  19. Hey, Shana!


    Would you like to join "Nirriven: Divided We Fall"? :) You're a great RP'er!

  20. For our fantasy realm name, I've been meditating on the word "riven", since that means "split in half". Here are some variations I've come up with so far:


    1. Quariven

    2. Rivenar

    3. Nirriven (my personal favorite so far)

    4. Theiriven

    5. Nauriven

    6. Rivendale

    7. Riventer

    8. Rivental

    9. Mariventer

    10. Silariven

  21. How about "(Fantasy Realm Name): Divided We Fall"?

  22. Have you gotten any recruits to our fantasy RP yet? :)

  23. I agree on all points. I also like the idea of magic being a semi-forbidden art, like in Dragon Age, so that people use it carefully and not willy-nilly/in every situation. If magic solves almost everything, that would be just as boring as if melee combat did.

  24. I would LOVE to do a fantasy RP again, and your idea sounds awesome! I also have some suggestions/ideas:


    1. I like the idea of a villain being an architect/mastermind instead of a KILL, KILL, KILL EVERYTHING idiot who is only bent on destruction.


    2. Religion, skepticism, conspiracy, and corruption via power are themes I love.


    3. Nature-y, pedantic Elves annoy me, as do greedy Dwarf comic relief miners and fighters. Let's think up some cool ideas for new fantasy races. :)


    4. What if the fantasy setting was like the chessboard for a "game"/battle between a seemingly Good god/spirit (who will wipe out everyone if Evil wins) and a seemingly Evil god/spirit (who will let the strong survive, at least?)

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