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Dr Edison 007

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Originally posted by jimmycracker

Why do I get the feeling that this forum has collapsed to the ground like a building, and there's nothing left but smoldering rubble and angry homeless men?


It's amazing what a simple invasion could do to a place like this, especialy when it's this quiet and no one knows about it, even whilst it's happening. I bet the invaders didn't know they were doing it at the time. Pity, I once liked this forum.

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yes it is. i'm home. both literally and figuratively speaking...


i mean...


i'm home in the sense that i'm in my home, my house, but at the same time, i'm "home" b/c this is like my home online...kinda. well, not really.


i'm not too good at this kind of stuff. like, stuff where you say something, but then when i say something like "literally and figuratively" then i'm afraid it doesn't make sense, and then i go into too much depth and then when i go into too much depth, it really sucks.


what i'm trying to say is that i doubt anybody is reading this post so i'm going to just write random words now and see if anybody notices...flamingo umbrella the three trilobytes, depth online literally tennis volleyball...athens greece :confused: olympics figuratively home forum information mixnmojo, aquadrops orange-scented pledge...quote this paragraph in your next post if you actually took the time to read it.

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