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Dr Edison 007

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.... Grim Throttle? The game where you play Manny Whatsisname and you cruise around the technological marvel of an Underworld on your motorcycle determined to stop yourself from being framed for murder and stealing clients, and then to get the girl, compete in a demolition derby, and to pass on to the next life?

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hola everyone. i remember i used to come here all the time...except now i go to the mi discussion instead. and i don't even go there, i go to the random discussion. and before i came in here i thought "this place is deserted now, isn't it?", and then the screen loaded and i came across this topic :p


James Isaac


hi. :wavey: don't i know you from somewhere...:confused:;)



so anyway...is there any really exciting hubbub going on? apparently not...why isn't anyone here?

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Originally posted by Skinkie:

Manny Whatsisname

Ben's last name is Throttle, not Whatsisname. Whatsisname was just a joke made by the author of the manual.


The reason he isn't Ben Throttle in the released game is because they were afraid of legal troubles, since there was a bike-riding character named Throttle in the TV series Biker Mice from Mars.


But when Hell on Wheels was being developed, Biker Mice from Mars was dead, so the development team was free to call him Ben Throttle (which they did, at least in the concept art).




Concept art from Full Throttle 1 by Peter Chan, using the name "Ben Throttle"


Concept art of Ben from Full Throttle: Hell on Wheels, using the name "Ben Throttle"

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