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DooM Franchise Continues?


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One day in 1992 a small group of developers and programmers released the game that would forever change the gamming world. Doom was met with praise and protest on it's release in 1992. The game gave the player a view from the character's eyes. Equipped with a pistol you fought from gun wielding zombies to fireball throwing demons. The game was blamed for many shootingsor other crimes. But the number of fans were too great. Id Software soon came with the sequal. More blood, more violence, and more DooM. Id then move to different projects such as "Quake". A group called TNT Made their version of the end of DooM entitled Final DooM . As time grew, so did the technology. When Id created the next engine to amaze fans. The presenter wasn't the warpgate jumper from Quake, or anyone else. Yet an old favorite thought to be in retirement, DooM. DooM 3 is still being bought today. It's fame grows well. But so many thought this was the end of the DooM franchise. What a shame, until I found this out




I hope it does very well.

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Originally posted by Doomgiver

It has the potential to become good, but like all movies, it also has the potential to be sucky. Movies based on videogames tend to be the latter, but we shall see...









Id also did Commander keen...

Yes, that is true, I hope this is the first good game movie.


Commander Keen was made by id yet, that was before id become it's own company. When Commander keen was being made id worked with another company I believe.


Here's a list of games ID made or was ever involved in.


- Commander Keen (Most of it)

- Wolfenstien3D (ID)

- Wolfenstien3D Spear of Destiny (ID)

- DooM (ID)

- DooM II (ID)

- Final Doom (Clearence for TNT to make it)

- Quake (ID)

- Quake II (ID)

- Quake III Arena (ID)

- Return to Castle Wolfenstien (ID)

- Jedi Knight Outcast (Q3 Engine)

- Elite Force (Q3 Engine)

- Elite Force II (Q3 Engine)

- Call of Duty (Q3 Engine)

- Enemy Territory (free online only by ID)

- DooM III (ID)

- Quake IV (in development, D3 Engine, ID)

- *Possible* AVP 3 (DooM III Engine, Brought up by John Camrack)

- Return to Castle Wolfenstien 2 (D3 Engine, Slipped out of one of the developers mouth during a interview)

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I can't help but be kind of cynical about this. Historically, movies based on video games tend to be downright awful. Still, there's always a chance they might make it right.


Originally posted by TheHobGoblin

One day in 1992 a small group of developers and programmers released the game that would forever change the gamming world.


Granted, Doom is definitely a landmark game in the history of Id software and the video game industry as a whole. However, let's not forget the contributions of another early Id game, Wolfenstein 3D. If it wasn't for Wolfenstein and the success it enjoyed, Doom and possibly many other shooter games may have never been made.

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If they want to make this movie work they must get the right actors or this movies bound to fail.


And they shouldn't make the character say some line before killing each fat zombie like "Should've gone to the gym" or "Now thats a work out" Or it'll just be stupid.

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It's not going to work. It never does. And it probably never will. You want a game that you could make a movie of? Think HALO and HALO 2 - but it couldn't work even for a storyline as rich as those; it's just not a good transition from game to movie. It's even worse than trying to do book to movie. I predict a total flop... but I could be wrong. We'll see.

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Like Keanu can act...


The Rock is underrated. Everyone just disses him because he's a product of WWE. He's got the superstar looks, he's got timing, and he is a decent actor. The Rundown and Walking Tall were both entertaining pictures, if not stellar.


I think he's perfect for the Doom role.


Oh, and for the record, Raven is making Quake IV, but id is probably doing quality assurance.

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Yeah, I saw the rumor that the Rock might be in the Doom movie. I don't know...I think a movie of the game would really suck. They already ruined AVP.


BTW, Reeves is coming out with another movie that looks kind of good. Forget what it's called though...

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Originally posted by sabretooth

The hell? Gamespot says that Raven is making Quake IV. What's going on?



Doom - The Movie will SUCK. I think.


Yes Raven is doing the game work, yet ID is basically just giving them staff, rights, ect. Also the DooM III Engine to work with.




Didn't The Rock sign on for Doom? Or is that still a rumour?

I think he did. He already does the shifting eye, he's not that bad of an actor. Arnold would have been good but he's busy now. Thomas Jane might be good. There is probably a actor good for the role.

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Catacombs Abyss came before wolfenstien, and was actually a more complex game in many ways, just with less colours.


More infor and the shareware version:





Doom strikes me as a terrible game to convert into a movie. THe only games that are worth converting into movies are those with unique settings or storylines. Doom has neither. It is an awesome game, but it's awesomeness comes from its play mechanics, whihc can't be converted into a movie.


I haven't got the power to play DooM3 yet, so i dont know if they have upgraded the story, but even if they have i still doubt it will be enough to get me to change my mind.


I'd be like converting Super Mario Bros, Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat into a movie.... they have to tag on an irrelivent plot to try and make sense of a game that doesn't even TRY to tell a deep story. (oh, hang on, they already did those, and they weren't that great).


Even the games WITH stories that got converted (resident evil) didn't fair that well.


It'd just become a 90 minute cgi-action-explosion-fest with a generic tacked on plot. We already get loads of those anyway, why sully the doom name on one? They are lilely to get ANderson to do it too, and he hasn't made a good film since event horizon.


If they insist on doing it then the Rock or Vin Deisel would be fine, but it'd just end up looking like a cross between Chronicles and AvP anyway...

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the fact we have to refer to him as "the doom guy" is a pretty good indication of why this isn't a great idea for a movie...:D


Although, if they were willing to be VERY adventurous, they could do the entire movie from a first person perspective with a steadycam. It'd be risky, and i don't have any idea if it would work, but at least it would give the movie a distinctive edge over all the other cgi action films it will resemble.


(Or at least have all the "doom guy" scenes shot in first person), cutting to other shots of distant events and stuff to break up the pacing/editing a bit.

It's be like a half-life intro... :D


*off to play catacombs abyss*

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